Zumba Fitness: World Party Review

Young woman dancing and exercising at night
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Dancing as an exercise routine makes a lot of sense. It is fun, it definitely gives you a full body workout, and it doesn't give you that "I don't wanna work out" mental block some people have with normal exercise. You just listen to some up-tempo music to get your blood pumping and dance. Zumba Fitness: World Party for the Xbox One delivers a solid Kinect-powered dance workout that is both fun and effective. 

Game Details

  • Publisher: Majesco
  • Developer: Zoe Mode
  • ESRB Rating: “E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Exercise / Dance
  • Pros: Lots of tracks to dance to; appealing presentation; fun routines; definitely gives you a workout
  • Cons: Steep learning curve; maybe you hate dancing


Zumba Fitness: World Party features 40+ mostly up-tempo pop and electronic dance tracks, each with its own dance routine to get your blood pumping. Unlike Dance Central or Just Dance, which want to teach you a real club-worthy routine or just make you look goofy and have fun respectively, Zumba's dance routines are designed with calorie burning in mind. 

The pacing is usually pretty fast here, which can present quite a bit of a learning curve if you aren't already familiar with Zumba's typical moves and routines. There is a training mode to teach you the steps, but it is kind of dry and boring and learning while playing the real modes was a lot more interesting for us.

Modes include a quick play mode, Full Class lets you choose a duration for a workout ranging from 20-minutes up to an hour, and a World Tour mode. The World Tour mode has you traveling around the world to exotic locations (just pretty scenic backgrounds) while dancing nonstop to a block of songs. You can also play a two-player multiplayer mode, but you need a lot of space.

The game uses Kinect to track your movements, of course and seems to work pretty well. The game doesn't do an especially great job of telling you what you're doing right or wrong, but it is pretty lenient anyway so you don't exactly have to be perfect. Unlike Ubisoft's Xbox One Kinect launch games, you can't use a controller to navigate the menus in Zumba Fitness: World Party, which is kind of a drag. The Kinect gesture and voice controls worked well enough for us, though. 

Graphics & Sound

The presentation is fairly clean in the World Party. For the first time in the series, real-world (presumably famous) Zumba Fitness instructors are your onscreen teachers and they look pretty good. The locations around the world that serve as the backgrounds for your dance routines also look quite good and are nice and brightly colored. The track list covers a lot of different dance music from around the world, including songs from artists you might (but I might not) recognize, and sounds very good overall.

Bottom Line

All in all, there isn't much to say about Zumba Fitness: World Party for Xbox One. It has a nice clean presentation, a solid track list of songs, totally functional Kinect controls, and fun dance routines. It is well crafted for what it is. It won't be a hit at parties like Just Dance 2014 can be, but if you actually want to work out and sweat, World Party is worth a look.

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