Zoom Is Making Pronoun Sharing Easier for Users

You won't have to cram your pronouns in with your display name anymore

If you're using Zoom 5.7.0 or later, you now can enter your pronouns in your profile page instead of typing them out in your display name.

Zoom has announced that it's making pronoun sharing easier for everyone by providing a dedicated profile page entry for all users. Originally, if you wanted to display your pronouns in a Zoom meeting you would have to type them in with your display name, which could start to get crowded. This method also was not a viable option for some users who were restricted by company policies or SSO integration. By incorporating pronoun display and management with your profile, Zoom hopes to make the feature easier and more accessible for everyone.

Users with pronouns enabled in a video meeting

Zoom Video Communications

Once you've entered your pronouns into the text field on your profile page, you can then decide how you would like them to be displayed during meetings. These display settings can share your pronouns automatically for every meeting, ask you permission first, or not share them in meetings but still display them in your profile card.

How to manage your pronouns in Zoom

Zoom Video Communications

Free Basic accounts and any accounts with a single licensed user will have pronouns set to visible by default, while accounts with more than one shared user are turned off by default. Administrators who want to enable these new pronoun features can visit Zoom's support page for instructions. SAML mapping for pronoun information is also supported.

If you'd like to make use of Zoom's new pronoun features, you can download the latest version and try them out right now.

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