How to Zoom In and Zoom Out on an iPad

A multitouch gesture on a touch screen
How to Zoom In and Zoom Out on an iPad. Wikimedia Commons

One of the coolest features Apple brought to smartphones and tablets was the pinch-to-zoom gesture, which makes zooming in and out very intuitive and natural. Previously, zoom features were either non-existent or too difficult to use on a regular basis. Apple's zoom feature works on photos, web pages and across any app that supports the pinch-zoom gesture.

Here's how to do it: To zoom in on a photo or web page, simple press down on the screen with your index finger and thumb leaving only a small amount of space between them.

Keeping your finger and thumb on the screen, simply move them away from each other, expanding the space between them. As you expand your fingers, the screen will zoom in. To zoom out, simply do the reverse: move your thumb and index finger towards each other while keeping them pressed to the screen.

How to Zoom In and Out When Pinch-To-Zoom Doesn't Work

Unfortunately, pinch-to-zoom doesn't always work. Sometimes, an app doesn't support the gesture, or a webpage may have code running or a stylesheet setting that prevents the page from being expanded. Luckily, the iPad's accessibility features include a zoom that should always work no matter if you are in an app, a webpage or viewing photos.

To zoom in, double tap the screen with three fingers. It may take a couple of tries to perfect, but once you have the gesture, it is pretty easy.

To move around while zoomed in, simply press those three fingers down on the display and move them as if you are grabbing the screen and moving it.

To zoom back out, double tap the screen again.

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