How to Zoom In and Out on Apple Watch

How to zoom and unzoom on an Apple Watch screen

What to Know

  • Open the Settings on your Apple Watch and select Accessibility. Tap Zoom and turn on the Zoom toggle.
  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select Accessibility. Tap Zoom and turn on the Zoom toggle.
  • Double-tap your Apple Watch face to zoom in or zoom out.

This article explains how to use Zoom on Apple Watch to enlarge your screen. Once you turn on the Zoom accessibility feature, you can zoom in, move around the screen, and zoom back out with simple finger gestures.

Can You Zoom In and Out on an Apple Watch?

You sure can! But before you can use zoom on Apple Watch, you need to turn on the feature. You can do this directly on your Apple Watch or in the Watch app on iPhone.

  1. On your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown and open the Settings app. On iPhone, open the Watch app.

  2. Scroll to and tap Accessibility.

  3. Select Zoom which displays as Off by default.

  4. Turn on the toggle for Zoom. You’ll see a brief message on your Watch screen for “Zoom Enabled.”

    Enabling the Zoom feature for the Apple Watch on an iPhone.

You can optionally adjust the zoom level using the slider. Then, tap the arrows on the top left to exit or continue below to select the hand gestures you want to use for the zoom feature.

Adjust the Hand Gestures for Zoom

If you own an Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 6 or newer, have watchOS 8 or later, and are running iOS 15 or later, you can choose which hand gestures you want to use for the zoom accessibility feature. These Apple Watch settings are in the same location where you turn on Zoom. 

  1. If you’ve exited the Zoom settings, you can return to them on Apple Watch with Settings > Accessibility > Zoom or on iPhone with Watch app > Accessibility > Zoom.

  2. Select and then turn on the toggle for Hand Gestures.

  3. Below Customize Gestures, select each of the four options to customize how you want to use the gesture: Clench, Double Clench, Pinch, and Double Pinch. 

    You can Toggle Zoom, Pan Forward, or Pan Backward, or choose None if you prefer not to use that hand gesture.

  4. Optionally, you can set the Activation Gesture and turn on the Visual Signal. 

    Select Activation Gesture and choose an option to activate the Hand Gestures feature. 

    Turn on the Visual Signal toggle to see an indicator on your Watch screen for Hand Gestures.

    Enabling hand gestures for the Apple Watch on the iPhone.

How Do You Zoom In on Apple Watch?

While the above hand gestures are only available for newer models, these ones work on all Apple Watches with watchOS 5 or later to control and use zoom.

  • Zoom in or out: Double-tap with two fingers on the Apple Watch screen.
  • Move the screen: Drag with two fingers to move the screen in any direction. Alternatively, turn the Digital Crown to pan from left to right and up to down.
  • Change the magnification level: Double-tap with two fingers, hold, and drag your fingers up to increase the magnification or down to decrease it.

Even though Zoom on Apple Watch is an Accessibility feature, that doesn’t mean it won’t come in handy for anyone who wants a better look at their Watch screen.

  • How do I turn off zoom on Apple Watch?

    If Zoom is on and you don't want it to be, you can use either the Settings app on the Apple Watch or the Watch app on your iPhone. On the Watch, go to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom and switch off the feature. In the Watch app, go to Accessibility > Zoom. To just turn off the zoom feature without disabling it, tap the Apple Watch screen with two fingers.

  • How do I zoom out on Apple Watch?

    Unfortunately, you can only "zoom out" to return to the standard view on an Apple Watch after you've zoomed in. You can't go smaller than 1x magnification.

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