Zoom Faces Class Action Suit

A shareholder blames the company for over-stating privacy features

Zoom continues to be an enormously popular video chat platform, but it's still dealing with a combination of missteps and backlash from consumers and partners.

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Zoom, the suddenly ultra-popular video-conferencing platform, is now facing a class action suit that claims it mislead people about security and encryption.

The details: Reuters reports that Zoom shareholder Michael Drieu filed papers claiming Zoom did not properly represent its privacy controls and should have revealed earlier that the communications are not end-to-end encrypted.

How did we get here: Starting in March, millions of people were asked to social distance and stay at home to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Video conferencing was the obvious answer to how businesses, families, and friends could stay connected while apart. Even though platforms like Google Hangouts, FaceTime and Skype have been around for ages, the relatively new Zoom, which is free to use and can support up to 100 participants for 40 minutes (or more), exploded in popularity.

The backlash: Zoom was soon grappling with a series of data and security missteps. There's Zoomboming, in which uninvited guests and content appear in people's "Zooms," and users learning that some of their data was going to Facebook and their conversations were not adequately protected.

They're sorry: Zoom soon apologized, explaining it was never really built with consumer use in mind and it didn't anticipate this kind of growth. The company also promised to pause all new feature enhancements to work on the issues.

Bottom line: Zoom is still being used by millions, but as its troubles mount, many, like some schools and businesses, are banning its use in favor of more established options like Skype. It's unclear what effect this suit might have on Zoom's business.

Via: Reuters

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