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Zoho Writer

The Bottom Line

Zoho Writer is one of the best free online word processors available right now because it's easy to use, attractive to look at, and has almost all the features of Microsoft Word. If you use Microsoft Word only for basic documents then you're going to want to consider switching over to Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer doesn't just stop there. Sharing and collaborating is easier than ever with Zoho Writer due to it's Zoho Chat, and students are going to love the LaTeX Equation Builder.


  • You'll feel like you're working in word processing software
  • The tab-based based toolbar in Zoho Writer is attractive and easy to use
  • The Version History feature makes collaborating with others a smooth process
  • You can edit a document offline and then easily sync it up the next time you go online
  • A handy plug-in lets you work on documents in Word and save them directly to Zoho Writer
  • Can also create spreadsheet and presentation files


  • Doesn't have all the features found in classic, desktop word processors
  • Will be slow if your Internet connection is slow


  • Zoho Writer uses a WYSIWYG editor where you can create, open, and save your documents
  • Documents can be created by scratch or from a library of templates
  • There's a LaTeX Equation Editor built into Zoho Writer so you can create equations the way they're supposed to appear
  • You can share documents and collaborate with others using Zoho Chat
  • Supports uploading files up to 10 MB in formats like DOCX, DOC, DOCM, DOT, DOTM, DOTX, ODT, RTF, HTML, HTM, TXT, and TEX
  • You can export a document to your computer in DOCX, PDF, and some other popular formats

Guide Review - Zoho Writer

There's a lot to like about Zoho Writer. It's a very attractive online word processor and you could definitely use it to replace Microsoft Word.

I already have Microsoft Word but I keep a lot of documents online so I can access them when I'm on the road and this makes the plug-in that ties Microsoft Word and Zoho Writer together invaluable.