What Are the Zoho Mail SMTP Settings?

Looking for the Zoho Mail SMTP Settings? We Have Them!

If you have multiple email accounts, sometimes the best way to manage them is to consolidate them all into a single account. Instead of deleted all your other emails address, however, you can use the SMTP mail settings to pull mail into an email program (like Outlook or iMail).

Fortunately, it's not hard to set up, if you have the right SMTP settings. We've listed the Zoho Mail SMTP server settings for sending mail through Zoho Mail from any email client below. 

Zoho Mail SMTP Settings:

  • Zoho Mail SMTP server address: smtp.zoho.com
  • Zoho Mail SMTP port: 465
  • Zoho Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: Yes
  • Zoho Mail SMTP user name: Your Zoho Mail address (example@zoho.com or your email address if you use Zoho Mail with your own domain)
  • Zoho Mail SMTP password: Your Zoho Mail password

Duplicate Copies of Sent Messages

Depending on the email client you are using, both Zoho Mail and the email application might save a copy of all sent messages on each server. You can avoid having duplicates of sent messages by not saving them in your Zoho Mail folder.

  1. Log in to Zoho Mail. and select the Settings icon.

    A screenshot of Zoho Mail with the Settings gear highlighted
  2. Select Mail Accounts on the Mail tab and choose SMTP.

    The SMTP tab
  3. Clear the Save Sent Mail Copy checkbox to stop saving sent emails sent using the smtp.zoho.com configuration in the Sent folder. 

    The "Save copy of sent emails" option

Zoho Mail Sending Limits

Even if you set up your Zoho Mail account in another email service, Zoho Mail sending limits still apply. There are limits for individual emails as well as mass emails.

  • Individual emails have a sending limit of 300 total confirmed and active users for the premium version of Zoho Mail. This limit is per day and per organization.
  • Individual emails on the Free Edition have a limit of 50 x total confirmed and active users per day and per organization for up to four users.


For accounts with more than 4 users, the limit is still 200 emails or recipients per day and per organization.

Mass email limits are based on your Zoho CRM Edition.

You can increase the mass email limit for an additional cost.

  • For the Standard Edition, you can send up to 250 mass emails per day.
  • For the Professional Edition, you can send up to 500 mass emails per day.
  • For the Enterprise Edition, you can send up to 1000 mass emails per day.

Mass emails include Autoresponders, email schedulers, and macros.

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