What Are the Zoho Mail SMTP Settings?

Zoho Mail SMTP Settings screenshot


If you have multiple email accounts, sometimes the best way to manage them is to consolidate them all into a single account. Instead of deleted all your other emails address, however, you can use the SMTP mail settings to pull mail into an email program (like Outlook or iMail).

Fortunately, it's not hard to set up, if you have the right SMTP settings. We've listed the Zoho Mail SMTP server settings for sending mail through Zoho Mail from any email client below. 

Zoho Mail SMTP Settings:

  • Zoho Mail SMTP server address: smtp.zoho.com
  • Zoho Mail SMTP port: 465
  • Zoho Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: Yes
  • Zoho Mail SMTP user name: Your Zoho Mail address (example@zoho.com or your email address if you use Zoho Mail with your own domain)
  • Zoho Mail SMTP password: Your Zoho Mail password

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