What Are the Zoho Mail POP3 Settings?

Access your Zoho Mail account in another program

Web-based email has its advantages. It's definitely more portable. But if have several webmail accounts, you might want to access them all from a single place. If you do, there are some settings that are essential to know.

If you're looking for the Zoho Mail POP3 server settings for accessing incoming messages in any email program, look no further. All the settings you need are below.

Zoho POP Settings

Zoho Mail POP server address


Zoho Mail POP port


Zoho Mail POP TLS/SSL required


Zoho Mail POP user name 

Your Zoho Mail email address (example@zoho.com or the Zoho email address that uses your own domain name)

Zoho Mail POP password

Your Zoho Mail password

Enable POP Access

Before configuring your Zoho Mail account in another email client, you will need to enable POP access to the account. Choose to enable POP access for all emails from the beginning or from that particular day. 

  1. Login to Zoho Mail.

  2. Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.

    Zoho mail settings icon
  3. Select POP Access in the Mail Accounts section, which is in the lower-right area of the Settings page.

    POP Access
  4. Select the POP Access checkbox.

    Checkbox for POP access
  5. Choose one of the following options:

    • All Emails To download all the emails in the account.
    • Emails that arrive from now Only new emails will be downloaded to the POP client you configure.
  6. Select the Include Spam Folders and/or the Auto-Delete Emails checkboxes, if desired.

POP3 Email Considerations

Understanding the advantages and limitations of using POP configuration could help you determine whether it is the best setup for you.

  • You can only use POP3 configuration for a single device.
  • There is only one-way communication from the server. This means:
    • Emails are retrieved from the server, but there is no further sync between the Zoho Mail server and the email client you set up.
    • The server does not maintain the status of Read and Unread email messages.
    • Any actions performed on the emails, such as deleting them or moving them to folders are only reflected in the email client you are using.
  • If there is no "Keep a copy on server" option when you set up POP3 access in the email client, all emails will be downloaded and deleted from the server.
  • You must manually backup your emails if a backup is desired.
  • Since emails are downloaded to the device on which the email client is installed, POP3 uses local storage space.

As smart alternatives to POP access, you can also access Zoho mail using IMAP or Exchange ActiveSync.

To send mail through Zoho Mail from any email program, see the Zoho Mail SMTP server settings.

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