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Original Legend of Zelda logo

Nintendo / Wikimedia Commons

The original The Legend of Zelda game was released back in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and it is one of the most popular and influential games of all time. While never officially released for anything but a Nintendo console system the original The Legend of Zelda has been cloned and re-created a number of times for the PC over the years.

Zelda Classic is one of those clones/remakes that was created as a tribute to the original game. The game was first released in 1999 and is considered an exact replica of the original NES version. It was released by an Armageddon Games and developed by a game developer simply known as Phantom Menace. Phantom Menace has since moved on but there have been others who have picked up and turned the game into something more than just your standard clone. It includes the original storyline/quests that are included in the NES version you remember. This includes all levels, enemies, and power-ups available in the original can also be found in Zelda Classic. In addition to Windows PC, Zelda Classic is also available for Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Zelda Updates

Since that initial release, there have been a number of updates to the game over the years that have introduced new features and gameplay options while keeping the original storyline and gameplay intact and nearly identical to the NES version. New features that have been introduced include ZQuest and Zelda Classic's Quest Creator.

These two add points make it possible for players to customize and create their own gaming experience within Zelda Classic. ZQuest allows gamers and developers to create their own original artwork and graphics which can be imported for use in the game. Zelda Classic's Quest Creator allows anyone to create their own custom Zelda quests from scratch. This makes the gameplay options and stories nearly endless.

The official Zelda Classic website also features a quest database that details many of the users created quests that have been shared over the years. Currently, there are more than 300 quests in addition to those included with the mail Zelda Classic download.

Tutorials and walkthroughs of how to create your own quests as well as gameplay walkthroughs are available on the official Zelda Classic game page as is a full history of the releases available, FAQ, Forums and much more. The latest release of Zelda Quest was released in 2009 as version 2.5 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Updates on the current state of the game can be found in the Forums.