Zamzar Review

A Free Online File Conversion Service

Zamzar website


Zamzar is a good free file converter that supports lots of file formats. It's really easy to use and lets you convert files online without having to download any software. It's not the first service or software I'd try, but it works for what it does.

We found Zamzar to be slower than most other online file converters, but if you're disappointed with some other file converters or really need to complete your file conversion online, give Zamzar a try.

Pros & Cons

Given that Zamzar is an online file converter, it immediately has unique drawbacks not seen in traditional converter software, but that doesn't mean that it should be avoided altogether.


  • Free file conversions (up to 150 MB)
  • Nothing to install
  • Converts a large variety of files from one format to another
  • Simple enough for anyone to use
  • Lets you receive an email when the conversion is finished


  • Conversion time is sometimes pretty slow
  • 150 MB file size limit makes it difficult to use for video
  • If the website is experiencing high traffic, your conversion could be delayed for up to an hour
  • Download links are only valid for 24 hours, You have to save the conversion within one day of it being ready for download
  • Only five files can be converted simultaneously in the same session
  • Free accounts are limited to 50 conversions within a 24-hour period

More Information About Zamzar

  • Works on any operating system since it just requires a browser to run (i.e., Zamzar works with Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • You can upload a file from your computer or enter a URL to an online file
  • Converts between many document, image, video, archive, audio, and CAD formats. You can see a full list of file formats you can use with Zamzar from their Conversion Types page
  • Zamzar converts TXT files to ​MP3 format, providing a high-quality, online text-to-speech service
  • Entire file conversion with Zamzar is completed in four steps: no download required
  • Zamzar can be used to convert files through email, too (up to 1 MB for free)
  • Regular, non-email conversion is free for any file up to 150 MB, but you can upgrade to a payment plan if you want to use it with much larger files. Upgrading has other perks also, like online storage of your files, high-speed downloads, no ads, higher conversion priorities, and faster support time

My Thoughts on Zamzar

Zamzar is very easy to use. Just visit their website, upload your original files, choose the format you want to convert them to, and then hit ​Convert Now. Converted files can be downloaded immediately or you can choose the option to receive the links via email. That's it!

Another, somewhat secret feature supported by Zamzar is their email attachment conversions. With the file attached (or multiples as long as each is under 1 MB), send the message to the email address that corresponds to the format you want the file to be converted to, in the syntax ​ For example, to convert your PNG file to JPG, send the PNG file to If you're on a phone and would like a DOCX file to be in the PDF format, send it to

Zamzar supports a variety of file formats. Some notable problem formats that Zamzar supports include WPD (Wordperfect Document), RA (RealMedia Streaming Media), FLV, and DOCX. Zamzar makes working with these and many other formats as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Zamzar is a decent choice if you need an image converter or document converter, but the 150 MB file size limit makes it nearly impossible to use as a video converter or sometimes even as an audio converter. As the files get larger and larger, it takes longer and longer to upload, convert, and then download again. Plus, most lengthy videos surpass 150 MB.

It should also be noted that Zamzar has an optional, tiered premium service—Basic, Pro, and Business—with increasing maximum file sizes, online storage space, the speed of conversion, and so on. We only tested the free service, so some of my experiences with Zamzar may or may not have improved if we had used one of the premium tiers.