How to Find People With Zabasearch

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Zabasearch is a useful search tool that focuses on finding only data related to individual people (names, addresses, phone numbers). You can use Zabasearch as a tool when you're trying to find someone online, or simply as a way to verify an address. The site has received some controversial press since its inception as there is a lot of information available here. However, all of the data found using Zabasearch is collected using publicly available data feeds. Zabasearch, and other people search utilities that are similar to this site, simply put all of this data in one convenient place. 

How Does Zabasearch Find Information? 

This useful site finds this information by looking at publicly available sources of information. This could include property records, Yellow Pages, White Pages, marketing forms, sweepstakes entries, social networking profiles, personal sites, voter registration records, and more. Zabasearch does not host this information, it just makes it easier to find all this data by collating it in one central location.

While useful, this service is somewhat controversial because of its mistaken reputation for uncovering private, sensitive information. This is absolutely not true. Zabasearch only indexes information this is already available online for anyone to find, and is, therefore, free of blame.

Many people are understandably concerned with the information that is available at Zabasearch and similar sites, however, unless you've taken great pains to never, EVER allow any of your personal information to become public domain this data will become publicly accessible. For example, if you've ever bought a house, gotten married or divorced, or contributed to a political campaign or non-profit, some of your information is out there online.

How Do I Search for Someone on Zabasearch?

Just enter the first and last name of the person you're looking for, and the state if you know it (Zabasearch only works for United States-centered searches at this time). With the tidbit that you've typed in, your search results bring back a variety of information, including:

  • Addresses
  • Property information
  • Verification of zip code
  • Phone number
  • Month of birth

This is the free information that you'll get as part of your search results. 

Do I Have to Pay for Information at Zabasearch?

Most of the information that you'll be able to find here is offered free of charge. However, if you want to go further and do a background check or verify an email address, you'll have to pay for it through Intelius, Zabasearch's source for more in-depth information. It's highly suggested that readers do not pay for this information. Using a variety of different Web search methods and resources, smart searchers are able to locate the same information that Zabasearch would have you pay for.

How Does Zabasearch Get This Information?

Zabasearch is a search engine, meaning that it produces or hosts no content of its own, but simply indexes what it finds on the Internet. It finds information in completely public records that are freely accessible by anyone on the Web -- there is not a secret database or cache of sensitive information that they are tapping into. All the information found using this site is collated from somewhere on the Web, whether that be a phone directory, public records cache, social networking sources, or other informational listings.

How Does Zabasearch Get My Personal Data?

As stated, all the information found on this site comes from publicly accessible record sources online. This could be court records, country records, state records, etc. If you've bought a new house or filed a change of address request, you have put your information into the public domain. Zabasearch simply pulls this information into one convenient place.

Are you in the phone book? Your information is now available on the Web. If you've conducted any kind of property transaction, that information is searchable online. Many states make voter registration records available to the public, so this is another way your information gets out. If you've ever filled out a form online, that information eventually makes its way on to the Web.

Many people are (understandably) concerned about their private data being publicly searchable online. There are ways to guard against personal information being found on the Web.

Can I Restrict My Information From Being Searchable on Zabasearch?

Yes, you can! Check the Zabasearch Blocking Options for what you'll need to do.

However, please note that even if you are able to block your information from being on Zabasearch, it is still freely available online to anyone who takes the time to search for it. The best way to guard against your information being publicly accessible on this or similar sites is to ensure that it's not out there in the first place, such as concealing your search history and utilizing common sense while using the Web.

Is Identity Theft an Issue With Zabasearch's Information?

Zabasearch is only a search engine that goes out and finds people-related information from a variety of public domain sources. The site neither encourages or discourages identity theft; it is simply a conduit for information that is publicly available.

That's not to say that unscrupulous people couldn't use the information they find about you or anyone else on the Web for nefarious purposes. As stated previously in this article, it's just simply good sense to be safe on the Web in order to avoid these kinds of situations.