How to Find People With ZabaSearch

Locate public records with this free people search tool

ZabaSearch is a tool that focuses on finding information related to individual people, like names, addresses, and phone numbers. You can use ZabaSearch to find someone online or simply as a way to verify details like an address.

Using ZabaSearch to find information on someone is really easy. You can search by name or phone number, and even narrow the search down to the exact city and state.

All of the data collected by ZabaSearch is publicly available, so any information you find on it has been collected by various sources. This means the data might be incorrect or not even present at all. You can remove your own personal data from ZabaSearch if you no longer want the website to keep a record of it.

How Does ZabaSearch Find Information? 

The ZabaSearch website finds personal information through public means. This could include property records, Yellow Pages, White Pages, marketing forms, sweepstakes entries, social media profiles, personal sites, voter registration records, and more.

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It's important to make the distinction that ZabaSearch doesn't host any of this information; it just makes it easier to find all this data by collating it in one central location.

While useful, ZabaSearch is somewhat controversial because of its mistaken reputation for uncovering private, sensitive information. In reality, ZabaSearch only indexes information that's already available online for anyone to find.

Many people are understandably concerned with the information that's available at ZabaSearch and similar sites. However, unless you've made great efforts to never, ever allow any of your personal information to become public, this data will become publicly accessible. For example, if you've ever bought a house, been married or divorced, or contributed to a political campaign or non-profit, some of your information is out there online.

How to Search for Someone on ZabaSearch

There are a few ways to use ZabaSearch:

Search by Name

To find someone's information by searching for their name on ZabaSearch, just enter their first and last name in the text box on the home page. If you know the state they live in, choose it from the list, otherwise select All 50 States.

ZabaSearch People Search by Name text box

Search by Phone Number

Another way to find information on ZabaSearch is to perform the search using a phone number, either from the home page or the Reverse Phone Lookup page.

ZabaSearch reverse phone number search

You might do this if you're not sure who called you or you're interested in seeing if a reverse phone number search of your own number shows your information (which you can delete, as we'll look at below).

Perform an Advanced Search

Use ZabaSearch's Advanced Search for Common Names tool to drastically narrow down the results. You can put not only a first and last name but also a middle name and the city and state where the person resides.

ZabaSearch advanced search for common names

After doing a search for a name, you can filter the results further by specifying an age. If you're not sure how old the person is, just leave the All Ages field selected.

ZabaSearch doesn't show much information on its own website other than the person's name, address, and phone number. If you want more results and don't mind paying to find someone online, select View full profile next to any individual's entry to read more about them on Intelius.

How to Remove Your Information From ZabaSearch

If your own personal details on ZabaSearch are incorrect or if you don't want others to easily find your personal information on the site, you can request that they remove what they have on you.

However, it's important to understand that when ZabaSearch blocks your information from showing up in the search results, that block only works on ZabaSearch's website, not the original locations where the website found the information. In other words, you'll want to remove your information from other sites as well if that's a concern.

Also, if you remove your information from ZabaSearch but then your information changes, like your last name or address, it might recreate your profile. You'll have to delete it again if that happens since ZabaSearch will see it as a separate set of data.

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