Yurbuds a Great Fit For In-ear Earphones

Yurbuds Make Uncooperative Earphones Stay in Place

Yurbuds earphone covers. Yurbuds

As someone who's been cursed with ears that apparently don't befit a member of the human race, I have always had a problem with earbud-type earphones falling off.

In-your-ear headphones that supposedly lodge nicely in your ear canal have been especially a problem (apparently, my ear holes are too small). And while I have better luck with iPod-style earphones, they tend to make my ears sore after a while.

Given my bad experience with in-ear earphones, I was understandably skeptical when I came across Yurtopia's booth at the Consumer Electronics Show. More specifically, I was skeptical about just how well the company's Yurbuds earphone covers would fit my hapless ears.

After giving them a try, however, it didn't take long to realize that the Yurbuds work great. In fact, they fit so well, I was actually looking forward to waiting for my flight at the airport so I could use them with my MP3 player. Read on for my take on the Yurbuds earphone cover.


Great fit: This, by far, is the biggest benefit from Yurbuds. Once you get the right size, all you need to do is install the Yurbuds to your earphones, plop them in your ears with the opening facing downward, and do a clockwise quarter-turn. The device practically fits like a glove in your ears. You can even tug on your earphone cord and the device makes your earphones stay in place — quite useful if you're exercising. For it to fall out, you have to yank it upward or really tug it. For someone like me who's had trouble with falling earphones for years it's like the best thing since, like, ears were invented.

Noise canceling: Although it doesn't completely cancel out noise, the Yurbuds cancels enough of it to significantly improve the sound you get from your earphones. This becomes especially obvious when you take off your earphones from inside an airplane that has its engines running. The noise canceling also means you don't have to turn up the volume on your device as much.

Just be aware that you might end up talking — or singing — louder because the device mutes out background noise. The Yurbuds may cancel noise, but it won't cancel the embarrassment you feel after realizing you just belted out "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy at the top of your lungs in public.

Comfortable: While getting ready to fly back home from CES, I used the Yurbuds intermittently early in the day and then for three hours straight at the airport. That's usually a recipe for sore ears for me, even with traditional headphones. I didn't have any such problems, however, with the Yurbuds. Unless you play your music super loud, sore ears shouldn't be a problem with this device.


Sound: Although they fit great, the original first-generation Yurbuds tested in this review didn't have the best sound. Audio quality sounded muffled and you don't get the same dynamic audio as other competitors. Newer versions, however, feature improved sound.

Price: The Yurbuds cost about $20 just for a set of covers — $30 if you get it with a pair of white iPhone style earphones (which makes it a bit more reasonable). If you use in-ear type earphones like those by V-Moda, you'll need to buy a different set of Yurbuds that come with adapters for about $25.

Measuring process: When ordering a set of Yurbuds, you'll need to send a photo of the side of your ear while holding a quarter. This ensures you get the right fit but it can also be a bit of a hassle.

Dirt magnet: When I noticed the rubberized Yurbuds attracting flecks of dirt even before I put it in my ears, I knew that wasn't a good sign. Dirt specks just stick to this stuff. Even if you have the cleanest ears in the world, taking the Yurbuds off in public can be potentially embarrassing as people might mistakenly assume that you have enough wax in your ears to make a rendition of yourself at Madame Tussauds. On the plus side, the Yurbuds are washable if you take them off your earphones.


Yurbuds work great in making sure your earphones stay in your ears instead of your shoulders.

People who don't have a problem with earphone fit may not get as much benefit from this device. But if you're like me and you've been wrestling with falling earbuds for quite some time, then the Yurbuds will likely be a worthwhile investment — if only to help preserve your sanity.

Just make sure you keep your ears as clean as possible.

After the original 2010 review, this product now has new versions. For more details, check out our reviews of the Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro and the Ironman Talk. You can also check the Yurbuds online shop for the latest offerings.