YPOPs! 0.9.5 - Free Yahoo! Mail to POP Email Program Gateway

The Bottom Line

YPOPs! provides reliable, flexible, easy to use and secure access to your Yahoo! Mail account in any email client. If it could also act as an IMAP interface, YPOPs! would be perfect.


  • YPOPs! is easy to use and unobtrusive
  • Supporting custom Yahoo! folders, you can access all your mail with YPOPs!
  • YPOPs! can use secure connections


  • Using YPOPs! prevents you from seeing ads
  • YPOPs! doesn't work as an IMAP (proxy) server
  • YPOPs! is not yet compatible with Yahoo! Mail Beta


  • YPOPs! lets you access Yahoo! Mail accounts via POP.
  • Works as a proxy server between your email client and Yahoo! Mail.
  • YPOPs! can fetch mail from the Inbox, Bulk mail folder and custom Yahoo! Mail folders.
  • Lets you send mail through Yahoo! Mail, too, and optionally places a copy in the Sent Mail folder.
  • With email clients that support it, YPOPs! lets you preview headers before downloading.
  • YPOPs! can show the HTML source used during message exchange in IE for troubleshooting.
  • YPOPs! supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista, Linux and Mac OS X.

Guide Review - YPOPs! 0.9.5 - Free Yahoo! Mail to POP Email Program Gateway ​

Yahoo! Mail is a powerful web-based email service, but it is still web-based and does not offer all the features, speed and comfort of a desktop email client.

Fortunately, there are smart tools like YPOPs!. YPOPs! lets you access Yahoo! Mail accounts like any POP account with your favorite email program.​

You can fetch mail from all your Yahoo! Mail folders, and YPOPs! lets you even send mail, placing a copy in your Yahoo! Mail sent mail folder. With an email client that supports it, YPOPs! allows you to preview the headers of new messages before downloading them completely.

All this functionality is pretty flexible, and often it is enough. If YPOPs! could act as an IMAP interface to Yahoo! Mail, though, that would add even more power and spice.