What to Watch on YouTube

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Start to Watch YouTube Videos

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You don't need an account to watch YouTube videos, but it does help. With a YouTube account, you can save videos to watch later, set up your YouTube homepage with your favorite YouTube channels, and get customized recommendations for YouTube videos to watch.

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Search YouTube Videos for Something Specific

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, after Google. As on Google, you get prompts when you begin typing, which makes searching easy.

Your search will bring up not just videos but also YouTube channels and playlists.

For videos that aren't on YouTube, such as TV shows, movies, and other professional content, you'll need to search other sites. Try these video search engines, which are designed to locate content from all over the web.

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Browse YouTube Videos

Browse YouTube using the tabs on the top of the page to find videos, music, shows, trailers, and live programming. On each page, you'll find featured and popular videos, and you'll also be able to drill down by category.

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Video Categories on YouTube

Video categories on YouTube range from autos to travel. Click on the video categories and you’ll be brought to a page with videos chosen by YouTube editors. You can watch these, and also use this page as the front door to a further exploration of related videos in specific categories.

Most YouTube categories have sub-categories as well. For example, the Comedy category is broken down into Sketches and Late Night TV. Within each category, you can watch particular channels or find videos based on their popularity and community interest.

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YouTube Channels

YouTube channels are web pages set up by YouTube users to display their own videos as well as other YouTube videos that they choose to share.

YouTube channels are listed within each category. You can also browse YouTube channels by comedians, directors, gurus, musicians, politicians and so on.

Subscribe to channels that you like and new videos will show up on your YouTube homepage, ready for you to watch whenever you log in.

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Watch YouTube Live

Accessible through the Live tab at the top of every screen, YouTube Live offers live streaming news, shows, concerts, sports and more. You can see what's featured, what's currently playing and what's upcoming. There's even a handy button to let you add upcoming streams to your calendar so you won't miss them!

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Watch Movies on YouTube

YouTube offers a selection of movie rentals, including many new releases. Unlike other videos on YouTube, there is a charge for watching movies.

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Save YouTube Videos to Watch Later

Near every YouTube video is a button that ways Watch Later. Clicking this adds the video to a convenient playlist that you can access later when you have more time to watch.

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Watch YouTube on the Big Screen

YouTube Leanback is a special interface designed to make it comfortable to watch YouTube on the big screen. The videos all play automatically in full-screen HD, so you can lean back and watch on your computer monitor or TV screen if you have the devices hooked up.

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Watch YouTube on Your Phone

With a smart phone, you can easily watch YouTube. You can download the YouTube app, or access the YouTube mobile site through your phone's web browser. Watching YouTube on your phone will be most enjoyable with a high resolution screen and a wifi connection.