Free Video Sharing on YouTube

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YouTube Overview:

YouTube is the giant among of hundreds of websites that allow you to upload and share videos. While YouTube has its detractors and faults, it is accessed by the millions every day to upload and watch videos.

YouTube Cost:

YouTube is free.

YouTube Sign-up:

Getting started on YouTube is as simple as registering for any other website. Once you've established your YouTube username and password, you can upload videos to YouTube, build your YouTube channel, or just watch videos on YouTube.

Uploading to YouTube:

YouTube accepts the majority of videos formats.

Tagging on YouTube:

When uploading your video, YouTube will ask you to enter ‘tags’ – keywords that can be used to search your video. The more tags you enter, the more ways there are to search for your video.

Sharing Videos on YouTube:

If you don’t want everyone to be able to search for your video, there are many ways to keep your YouTube video private.

If, on the other hand, you’re interested in as many people seeing it as possible, you can embed YouTube videos on your blog, web site or online profile. You can also share videos at a specific time, to show people only part of the video.

Terms Of Service on YouTube:

Content that is obscene, illegal, harmful, violates copyright, etc. is not allowed.

It's important to know that while you retain the ownership rights to whatever you post to YouTube, by uploading you grant YouTube the right to do whatever they want with your video. Also, any YouTube member can easily copy it, steal it, reproduce it, sell it, whatever, without any kind of permission or reparation. So if you have a really brilliant piece of work you're hoping to sell, don't put it on YouTube.