A Quick Overview of the YouTube Video Editor

A look back at a handy but discontinued tool

YouTube discontinued the Video Editor in September of 2017. This information remains for archive purposes.

Before 2017, YouTube offered a built-in tool that let users edit their videos before posting them. The YouTube video editor was simple and convenient, but YouTube ultimately retired the tool because it provided only basic functionality. Here's a look back at the YouTube video editor.

Screenshot of Youtube video editor.

YouTube Video Editor Options

The YouTube video editor made it easy to edit and remix your videos. The editing features lacked any complex features, and you could only edit a video uploaded to your YouTube account.

The YouTube video editor had a limited range of effects and transitions, including a black-and-white filter, image stabilization, brightness, and contrast. Transitions included the usuals, like crossfade and wipe, as well as a heart, star, and jack-o-lantern.

Simple Online Editing

The YouTube video editor added more features after its introduction. Originally, all you could do was trim your clips, arrange them in a timeline, insert basic transitions, and add a soundtrack.

The editor eventually allowed users to create multiple projects and add effects to change how a video looked. The YouTube editor remained a simple tool, and some users appreciated its simplicity and speed, processing videos more quickly than other online video applications.

Ultimately, the YouTube video editor's limitations led to its demise. Today, many powerful and free third-party video editors are helping YouTube users enhance and improve their videos.

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