YouTube TV Adds Multiview Support So You Can Watch Four Things at Once

Starting with March Madness games

YouTube TV is adding a multiview option, allowing users to test their focus by watching multiple programs at once. 

The appropriately-named multiview feature splits the screen into two or four segments, with each square streaming from a different source. The tool is launching with an emphasis placed on sports, as it is releasing alongside this year’s March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, though YouTube hopes to broaden its scope in the coming months. 

YouTube Multiview


However, if you are invested in college basketball, this may be the best way to keep track of multiple games at a time. Multiview not only shows four games at once but lets users instantly route audio and captions from the stream of their choice to avoid, you know, an endless cacophony of noise. 

This early access tool will be available to a randomly selected pool of users starting now. If you are a YouTube TV subscriber, look for the “Top Picks for You” section to see if you can access multiview. If not, it will roll out to all users once all the bugs are ironed out. 

If you're not a sports fan, YouTube promises that the technology will eventually make its way to regular programming so you can (maybe) watch every incarnation of Law & Order simultaneously as a fun, yet harrowing, experiment.

The company also says that the feature is not reserved for YouTube TV subscribers, as regular old YouTube will also get it sometime in the near future. Four random ASMR videos running at the same time? Yes, please.

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