Where to Watch Sports on YouTube

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Looking for YouTube sports videos? We've found the top channels for watching sports on YouTube. Whether you enjoy classic sports like baseball and basketball, or something a little more obscure, we've got YouTube sports covered.

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NBA Basketball

Close-Up Of Basketball Hoop
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Amazing happens on the NBA.com YouTube channel. Besides game highlights, you can see trick shots and PR events.

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ESPN Sports on YouTube

Baseball game
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The world leader in sports has a big presence on the world wide web. The ESPN YouTube channel gives viewers the opportunity to interact with and react to the top sports stories of the day.

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NHL Videos on YouTube

NY Rangers hockey game
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The National Hockey League also has a home on YouTube. And hockey fans are active on the page - the NHL has nearly 50,000 YouTube subscribers watching and commenting on the hockey videos.

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Hockey Fight Videos on YouTube

Hockey fight, Washington Capitals, Toronto Blue Jays
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I was at a fight and a hockey game broke out... Something like that, right? This YouTube sports channel goes right into the serious action - forget the games, forget the plays, it's all about hockey fights.

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Ultimate Fighting Videos on YouTube

UFC fight
UFC YouTube screenshot

This is a sport, right? The UFC YouTube video channel is hugely popular, with more than 2000 videos and an active group of fans.