YouTube Premium Update Adds 4 New Features, Including Improved 1080p

More ways to manage your watching experience

YouTube is rolling out several new features for Premium subscribers today and in the near (but unspecified) future.

Everyone subscribed to YouTube Premium has more perks to look forward to, with YouTube revealing a handful of new features headed to the service. These include several control options for what you watch, along with improved stream quality.

Someone streaming YouTube on a tablet with a TV playing in the background. / Unsplash

If you watch a lot of YouTube on iOS, you can look forward to better video quality as an improved bitrate for 1080p HD is headed to iOS. It won't replace 1080p but rather offer an enhanced version of the same resolution for what YouTube claims will be sharper quality—particularly when in motion.

The same improvements are also in the works for Web, so you can experience the improved bitrate on other devices, but this Web iteration is still in the experimental stages.

While queueing isn't necessarily new for the web version, it's also coming to smartphones and tablets, so you can exercise more control over what you binge (and forego the automated suggestions).

In addition, the ability to pause and continue what you're watching across multiple devices is now supported on Web, Android, and iOS. But if you're more interested in watching with other people, SharePlay support is also headed to iOS, so you can hold group watch parties (or just share a funny cat video) in FaceTime.

YouTube Premium 1080p upgrade, continue watching, and video queueing


Video queues for phones and tablets and the ability to continue watching videos across devices are out today for YouTube Premium members. However, it will be a little longer before the improved 1080p HD bitrate and iOS SharePlay support are available, with YouTube stating both will roll out "in the coming weeks."

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