YouTube Music Wear OS App Available on New Samsung Watches

Available on the Galaxy Watch 4 or the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

You can now listen to your favorite tunes through the YouTube Music Wear OS app on your Samsung watch. 

The new app is available to download starting Thursday on the Google Play Store. It allows you to access your playlists, control playback, like songs, and download your music, so you have it on your watch at all times without having your phone nearby. However, 9to5Google notes that there is no way to directly stream music from the app—only the ability to download music to the watch, itself. 

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Since Google got rid of Google Play Music on Wear OS a year ago, YouTube Music is now the only Google music app available to Wear OS devices. 

It’s important to note that the YouTube Music Wear OS app only will work with new Samsung watches, specifically the Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which are set to start arriving on Friday to those who pre-ordered them. The reasoning behind this is because the app only works with Wear OS 3. 

YouTube Music is now the only Google music app available to Wear OS devices.

It’s unclear if and when the app will be available on other Wear OS devices.

If you’re more of a Spotify listener than a YouTube Music listener, Spotify is always available to Wear OS devices, and not just specific ones either. In addition, Spotify plans to roll out offline playback on its Wear OS app in the coming weeks to Google smartwatches running Wear OS 2.0 and up. 

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