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YouTube is free, so why pay a subscription?

YouTube Music Key
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Do You Need a  Premium Option For YouTube?

As you probably already know, YouTube has always been free. There are thousands of music videos (both official and unofficial) that you can watch for nada. And, most of the time you don't even need to sign into your account to see them. It's also great for discovering new music too and is still probably the most popular place music fans turn to when they want to catch up on the latest music videos.

So, with all this content being free is there any room for a premium option?

Google thinks so, The company wants to change the way you can experience YouTube, but it will come at a cost. Music Key is the premium part of the service that they want everyone to pay for. But, what do you actually get, and what's the financial hit?

Advantages of Music Key

  • Ad-free Videos Just like the majority of freemium services, YouTube also slipstreams the occasional advertisement in between the videos you watch to keep the money rolling in. If this part of YouTube annoys you, then you'll be glad to know that subscribing to Music Key eliminates this. Whether you watch official videos, concert clips, remixes, or covers, there will be no ads in sight.
  • Background Playback Even if you switch from the YouTube app to another program, the music will keep playing in the background uninterrupted. You obviously won't see the visuals, but will still be able to listen to the music as it streams from YouTube.
  • Download Videos You normally have to be connected to the Internet to stream music videos, but not if you have a Music Key. This neat option allows you to download and play content offline without having to use third-party YouTube downloaders. This offline mode can be useful if you want to watch videos on your mobile device and need to stay offline for a while.
  • Google Play Music Subscription You might think that Music Key is just limited to YouTube. But, also included in the subscription is unlimited access to Google Play Music. This is a service that has millions of streamable songs. It also comes with a free music locker (you don't have to subscribe to get this bit) where you can upload 50, 000 of your own songs.

If you already subscribe to Google Play Music, then you'll automatically get a Music Key for Youtube.

How Much Does it Cost?

At the time of writing this article, Music Key is still in Beta. However, when it does launch it will cost $9.99 a month. That's the same price as subscribing to Google Play Music -- which if you think about it gets you the same thing!