YouTube Homepage

Personalized YouTube Homepage

The YouTube homepage is your entry point to the site. By personalizing your YouTube homepage you'll get updates on your video subscriptions as well as what your friends are watching.

The YouTube Homepage is Personalized to Your YouTube Account


The YouTube homepage is customized based on your viewing profile, featuring videos from your YouTube channel subscriptions, videos that were recommended by your YouTube friends, and more.

Without an account, you'll see popular, featured and trending videos - but nothing that necessarily corresponds to your interests.

YouTube is free, so go ahead and sign up. You’ll get a better homepage and find more videos you want to watch.

Clean Up Your YouTube Homepage

You can tidy up your homepage by X-ing out anything that you don’t want to see – including ads, like the big one on top of the YouTube homepage, or those overlaid on videos.

You can also decide whether to display “All Activity” or only “Subscription Uploads.” The latter will only show videos uploaded by channels to which you subscribe, while the former includes those videos as well recommended videos and channels, and videos that have been “Liked” by your friends.

Check Your Messages From the YouTube Homepage

Your inbox is accessible right from the YouTube homepage, so you can quickly see when someone comments on your videos or sends a message.

Use the YouTube Homepage to Keep Track of What You Watch

When you’ve watched a video, it gets greyed out on the homepage. Also, the homepage includes a section with videos that you recently “Liked” of “Favorited.”