YouTube Editor Tips

Create and Customize Videos With the YouTube Editor

The YouTube editor is deceptively simple. Compared to traditional desktop editing programs, it's a skeleton. But given that it's integrated into the world's largest video sharing site, it's a powerful tool for creating and customizing your videos.

If you haven't tried the YouTube editor, it's time to get started. The program is easy to learn, and these tips will give you an introduction and some ideas for editing on YouTube.

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Trim Clips in the YouTube Editor

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The YouTube editor lets you easily trim your video clips, so you can cut off frames at the beginning and end. With this tool you can upload raw footage straight from your video camera or cell phone and clean it up online, saving you from having to bring the video into a desktop digital editing program.

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Add Effects With the YouTube Editor

The YouTube editor features some classic video effects that can enhance the look and feel of your footage.  You can make the video darker or lighter, adjust the contrast, stabilize a shaky image, or even turn your video black and white.

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Add Transitions With the YouTube Editor

As with the effects, the transitions available in the YouTube editor are very basic, but very useful.  You can add a cross blur or a cross fade to smooth out the transition between two video clips. Or, if you want to get a little silly there are shape transitions, like a heart, star or jack-o-lantern.

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Add Titles and Credits With the YouTube Editor

If you're a professional producer or making a video series, you may want to add standard opening and closing credits to your YouTube videos. Of course, you can do this in a traditional video editing program, but if you're not editing the clips otherwise you can do it all online. Upload the credit sequences to your YouTube account, and then whenever you upload a new clip you can just go into the editor and add the bumpers on either end.

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Add a Soundtrack With the YouTube Editor

YouTube offers a vast library of music that is free for producers to use in their videos on the site, without fear of copyright infringement. In the YouTube editor, you can choose a song and add it to the audio track of your video. The original audio of your video remains, and you can adjust the balance to best hear the natural sound and the new music.

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Make a Mash-Up With the YouTube Editor

The YouTube editor is a great tool for making a quick mashup of some of your recent videos. Trim your videos to get the best scenes, and then put these together in the timeline, with a fun audio track, for an easy-to-assemble highlight reel.

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Make Multiple Video Versions With the YouTube Editor

Sometimes you may want multiple versions of your video, and the YouTube editor is an easy way to make that happen. Just create a new project for each version, and edit as desired.

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Download Your Edited YouTube Videos

After you've created a video with the YouTube editor, make sure to download a new version so that it will always be accessible offline. YouTube lets you download your videos from the site, but if you want a higher-quality copy, download using a service like KeepVid.