YouTube Creator Academy

Learn How to Make Great Videos Through the YouTube Creator Academy

YouTube wants to help you make your videos even more awesome, and to accomplish this they've established the YouTube Creator Academy. The creator academy is a YouTube channel that features a wealth of information about making great videos, increasing subscribers and view counts, making money on YouTube, and lots of other tips and tricks to get the greatest success from your online videos.

Learn From Top Creators 

The featured video playlist in the Creator Academy contains clips from some of YouTube's top creators explaining how they make their videos so awesome. You can hear from the creator of The Annoying Orange about the importance of maintaining brand consistency across all your videos, or from the hosts of VSauce about how they keep their channels popular. These videos are informative as well as inspirational for beginning YouTubers who are wondering how to become successful on the site.

YouTube 101

The YouTube 101 playlist covers basic topics such as copyright basics, YouTube policies, guides for setting up your channel, growing your audience and more. This is where you want to go if you are brand new to YouTube and need a primer for using the site.

Production Tips

Many people who are new to YouTube are also new to making videos in general. To help them out, the Creator Academy features a Production Tips playlist that explains the basics of using your video camera. Through these videos you'll learn about shutter speed, lighting, color correction, audio and other tips to make your YouTube videos look and sound great.

Improve Your YouTube Skills

Once you understand the basics of YouTube and video making, you're ready to Level Up Your YouTube Skills. This playlist features videos that explain how to use YouTube features like annotations and thumbnails. There are also videos with tips for getting new subscribers, building a community and engaging viewers through live events.

Take a Course

Most of the videos that you find on the Creator Academy offer specific tips, and are designed to be watched individually. But the site also offers series of videos that are organized into specific courses, which are most effective when watched sequentially. So far (as of May 2014) the Creator Academy offers one courses - Maximize Your Channel - which features six videos as well as assessment quizzes so you can see how much you've learned. There are also forums and FAQs associated with the course, so you can interact with other YouTubers, get advice from them, and share your own tips.

More Ways to Learn

The YouTube Creator Academy is a great way to learn about YouTube and get tips for improving your presence on the site. But, it is not the only place to get information about using YouTube. If you learn better by reading than by watching, our site features lots of articles about things like YouTube analytics, the YouTube editor, YouTube playlists, and many more tips to help you get the most out of your YouTube account. There are also many great channels on YouTube that are devoted to offering video instruction for everything from making videos, to posting them, to getting them viewed. None of these things are rocket science, and in the end success on YouTube really comes down to putting in a consistent effort and taking care of all of the little details that will get people to notice your videos.