YouTube Charts for Tracking the Most Viewed Videos

Find the popular and trending YouTube videos

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Since YouTube discontinued its YouTube Charts feature for videos, it has become harder to locate the most-viewed videos on the site. YouTube itself releases Top 10 lists for each year and in various categories via its trends blog, but most of the available statistics are for current days or weeks.

To identify popularity trends, check out these YouTube pages and bookmark them for future reference. These sources are also helpful for spotting viral video trends.

YouTube Music Charts

YouTube Music Charts maintains a list of the top music videos in the U.S. on YouTube. The 100 top music videos for the week are ranked and listed with the number of views and the number of weeks on the chart. From this screen, you can toggle to the Top Artists and Top Songs for the week.

YouTube Spotlight

The YouTube Spotlight channel brings you the best of YouTube for the preceding week as curated by YouTube itself. It is updated daily. The YouTube sections vary each week but usually include:

  • Top Trending Videos of the Week
  • New Music This Week
  • Best of VR
  • Game Overload

Just type YouTube Spotlight in the search bar at the top of the YouTube screen. For a longer list of trending videos from the current or previous day, go to the trending video feed.

Popular on YouTube

The Popular on YouTube channel offers the latest videos, music videos, trailers, and comedy clips that people are currently watching. Among many other changing topics, the listings include:

  • Popular Right Now
  • Just-Released Music Videos
  • The Daily "Aww"
  • Sports Highlights
  • Hot New Trailers
  • Brand New Tech

Each video lists the number of views and how long it has been on YouTube.

YouTube Trends Blog

The YouTube team maintains a trends blog that covers major trends on the video network and Top 10 lists in various categories. While the trends blog is updated only occasionally, the Top 10 videos for the year are usually presented there.