Your Switch Is About to Become Your Favorite Console Again

So. Many. Games.

Today's Nintendo Direct Mini was all about third-party games, with a whole lot of returning fan favorites on the horizon.

We already know that Hello Games' functionally infinite galaxy exploration sim No Man's Sky is headed to the Switch, but today's Direct Mini revealed so much more. Playing the games we love (even if they may be a few years old at this point) on-the-go is a major draw for many, and the list of choices is only getting longer.

Portal Companion Collection for Nintendo Switch


Existential crisis in a bottle NieR:Automata is bringing all the sad robots to the Switch on October 6, including all extra modes and costumes (and a few exclusive outfits of its own). The Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection, due sometime in 2023, offers 10 different games from throughout the series for fans of Nintendo's current console. The Portal Companion Collection puts both beloved mind-bending puzzle games in one place and is out today. And finally, Persona 5 Royal is due out October 21—with Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable also slated for a Switch release "soon."

And those are just the ports. We also have the previously-announced remaster of formerly Japan-exclusive RPG LIVE A LIVE to look forward to on July 22. Along with the PAC-MAN WORLD Re-Pac remake due out on August 26.

Persona 4 Golden for Nintendo Switch


Finally, several other popular (or at least cult classic) series return with brand new entries. Such as Super Bomberman R2, coming in 2023, and spinoff title Dragon Quest Treasures slated for December 9. Oh, and how could we forget about Return to Monkey Island, coming later this year, which marks the return of series co-creator Ron Gilbert after over 30 years?

The release dates for all these span the rest of this year and into 2023, but it promises to be an interesting time for Switch owners.

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