Your New Copilot? AI-Enhanced Bing Now Available as a Mobile App

Complete with voice controls and Skype integration

Microsoft is bringing its AI-enhanced Bing search engine to the mobile market. 

The company just announced mobile apps for the new Bing and the new Microsoft Edge browsers, both of which have been enhanced via a partnership with AI leader ChatGPT. Previously, a beta version of these technologies was only available to select users on a PC. 

Microsoft Bing AI


Not only does the mobile version of the new Bing allow for better search with nuanced results and the ability to answer questions via chat, but Microsoft has thrown voice controls into the mix. So you can quite literally chat with the newly-famous chatbot. 

Microsoft gives several examples of how a mobile Bing will be useful, such as asking it to help find a place to store luggage during a trip and then having the AI automatically suggest navigation tips. In this scenario, Bing creates a short trip itinerary, and all of this was instigated via voice commands.

Bing Skype


Microsoft is also teaming Bing up with Skype to further increase the functionality of both. In Skype, you simply instigate a conversation with Bing as you would any actual user. Bing can also be a participant in group chats, bringing its tools and a generous gift for gab along with it. 

A preview version of the new mobile Bing is available today for iOS and Android users in a standalone app or as part of the Microsoft Edge mobile app. The Skype update also begins rolling out today. 

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