Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Now Makes It Easier to Find Live TV

Cozy up with Fire TV and discover a new show to watch live

Fire TV supports multiple Live TV services, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t find any of it. By making other Live TV options discoverable, the new update aims to keep you inside the main Amazon Fire TV interface.

Amazon Fire TV's Live tab with Sling, YouTube TV, Hulu, and more

If you have trouble sifting through everything YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, Pluto TV, and others have to offer on your Fire TV, a new update should make the search easier.

What new update? As explained on the Amazon Fire TV blog, the new update makes it easier to search live TV channels across the different apps.

How does it work? Once the changes are fully implemented — YouTube TV should roll out today; Hulu + Live TV over the next couple weeks — you’ll see them populate the Fire TV’s Live tab, Channel Guide, and On Now section. Of course, you’ll have to download their respective apps and sign in first.

You can also go to the Fire TV’s integrated channel guide to see a complete programming guide, as well as set your favorite channels, which will then influence your preferred channels in the browse rows.

Alexa support: If you don’t feel like manually navigating to a specific channel, you can use Alexa instead by saying, “Alexa, tune to ESPN” or “Alexa, search for Rick & Morty.” However, Amazon notes some functionality varies by app.

Bottom line: It’s easier than ever to leave physical cable boxes behind and embrace streaming, but there are always ways to improve the experience. This update to the Fire TV is one example, and proof that there’s always something out there for you to watch. You just need the right tools to find it.

Via: Amazon Fire TV Blog

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