YouMail Partners Up With Law Enforcement to End Robocalls

Stop the spam

Remember back when our phones were useable and did not receive upwards of 30 annoying robocalls per day? 

Visual voicemail purveyor YouMail certainly does and has teamed up with law enforcement groups to stop these offending robocalls, as announced in an official press release. The company, along with the Attorneys General of Michigan and North Carolina, are taking a multi-pronged approach to this issue. 

YouMail Robocalls

Unsplash / Icons8 Team

First, robocalls directed toward current YouMail users will be automatically detected and forwarded to law enforcement. 

Next, the company will work with the aforementioned Attorneys General and their staff to identify where these robocalls come from, tracking down the U.S. intermediate telecom providers and, eventually, the customers initiating the calls. 

YouMail and the AGs are leveraging recent policy changes that found multiple states executing agreements with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make sharing robocall information easier. As such, YouMail has further teamed up with the FCC and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as part of their overall campaign to stop robocalls. 

The company has also claimed that these efforts, along with previous campaigns available to YouMail users, have helped "shut down robocalling campaigns totaling in the many billions of robocalls."

YouMail has long worked to put the kibosh on illegal robocalls, creating a robocall blocking app and a robocall index that tracks and catalogs calls and makes data available for research purposes.

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