's New YouChat 2.0 Takes Aim at Google Bard and ChatGPT

Find everything with this new multimodal search tool

There is a new AI search assistant in town that is completely unaffiliated with Microsoft Bing, Google Bard, or ChatGPT. 

Introducing YouChat 2.0, an offering developed by AI (artificial intelligence) startup According to the company's blog, the original AI search assistant technology was introduced in December of last year before Microsoft and Google made their grand announcements. However, it wasn't available for use until now. 


Can this independent chatbot actually compete with the major players? It certainly brings some new ideas to the table. YouChat integrates multimodal search into its feature set, which Google and ChatGPT have yet to do. 

A multimodal search function adds elements beyond text when answering queries. This allows for more precise and nuanced answers. For instance, asking about a company’s market share will return a visual analysis that leverages integrated apps like AI image generators, stock market widgets, Wikipedia, and much more. 


YouChat 2.0 blends its AI capabilities with connected apps and data from the web, so when you search for something, rather than trying to pull together what could be inaccurate numbers, YouChat can provide text and more visual information that answers your question. The company said the AI search assistant can also have "conversations" that can further draw information from the multimodal search. 

The company remains mum on the underpinning technologies that power YouChat but claims YouChat can "do it all," including helping you to create images, write code, find explanations for complex ideas, and even create text content.  

And now, since it has gone live, you can try out YouChat for yourself. It's always nice to have another robot friend in your life. 

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