You Can Now Pay Meta to Verify Your Facebook and Instagram Account

Have your government-issued ID handy

Meta's own paid verification service (and Twitter Blue rival )is beginning to roll out in the US.

After Twitter Blue opened the verification floodgates to more accounts willing to pay for a subscription, Meta is now following suit with its own verified account plans. And today Mark Zuckerberg revealed (Instagram stories expire after 24 hours so the link won't last forever) that Meta Verified has begun rolling out to Facebook and Instagram users in the US.

Meta Verified promo screens


Aside from the clearly different platforms, there are several elements that set Meta Verified apart from Twitter Blue. Signing up for Twitter Blue requires an account be at least 90 days old and must be confirmed with a phone number, while you'll need to provide a government-issued ID for Meta Verified.

Meta Verified signup process


This verification is the primary function of Meta Verified, rather than simply acting as a subscription badge. "Proactive account protection" is included as part of the membership, which Meta claims will keep an eye out for fakes and duplicate attempts while also requiring 2-factor authentication. It's also promising more direct and immediate support for Verified users, along with extra incentives like exclusive stickers for Stories and Reels.

While Meta Verification is rolling out now, you'll still have to join the waitlist to start the signup process. Meta Verified will cost you a few dollars more than Twitter Blue's $8.99 per month, set at $11.99 per month for just Facebook (on the web) or $14.99 per month for Facebook and Instagram on Android and iOS.

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