You Can Do That With Google?

Six Things You Didn't Know that Google Could Do


is arguably the most popular search engine on the Web today, but most people barely scratch the surface of what Google can really do. Here are six things you (might) not have known that Google can do.

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Use Google to Find Music

There's an easy way to find free MP3 files with Google; actually, there's quite a few easy ways. Once you find these files, you can save them to a destination on your computer and listen.

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Share Documents with Google Docs

Google Docs is a basic program that can use your existing spreadsheets or create new ones, share documents in real time, allow multiple people to edit information, and best of all, this collaborative tool is absolutely free.

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Track Your Flight Information with Google

Want to check if a flight is on time? How about if it's flying on schedule, where it's going, when it's landing, and when it's taking off? You can do all those things simply by typing in the name of the airlines plus the flight number, i.e., "Alaska Airlines 30" into the Google search box.

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Search university sites with Google University Search

University websites are sometimes difficult to navigate, but Google University Search takes care of this problem. You can use this handy tool to search hundreds of different schools' sites, for anything from admissions information to course schedules to alumni news.

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Translate Text with Google Language Tools

You can use the Google Language Tools to search for a phrase in another language, translate a block of text, see the Google interface in your language, or visit Google's home page in your country's domain.

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Use Google to Search Within Any Site on the Web

You can use Google to search through the contents of ANY site on the Web. This especially comes in handy if you're looking for something obscure or dated.