Find and Watch Movies and TV Shows With Yidio Online

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Yidio is a video discovery service that lets you browse all of the major content providers in one place. Vidio focuses on the way most people watch online video - using subscription services - and lets you customize your profile to match your subscriptions and favorite sources for movies and shows. Yidio joins a long list of video search and discovery services such as Squrl, Vodio, Fanhattan and Plizy just to name a few, but focuses less on your social graph and more on providing up-to-date comprehensive information on what to watch and when. Keep reading to learn more about Yidio's online service and mobile app for iOS.

The Yidio Website

Yidio's website feels like a TV guide thanks to its minimal graphics and simple layout. You can check out the site's listings with or without creating an account. Signing up will let you make playlists, log your taste preferences, and lets you take advantage of Yidio Credits. The more you use Yidio to discover and watch videos, the more tokens you'll accrue which can be redeemed on Amazon Instant Video. If you choose to sign up, just share your information including a valid email address or login with your Facebook account.

The site showcases featured listings on the home page and lets you know what's new and what's returning for the year. In addition, the TV schedule is listed on the right side of the page. While Yidio focuses on organizing online video options into a TV listing experience, there's also a section for movies, which you'll find in the main menu bar. In addition to the TV and Movie sections up top, you'll find the social search features under the More menu.

Browsing Shows and Movies

The TV Shows section of the Yidio website features a convenient grid layout that lets you filter results by streaming video sources, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, and also by genre. You can also search for shows from a specific TV channel, such as ABC Family or Discovery, to check out their online offerings.

The Movies section has the same layout as the TV Shows page but features more sources for online content including Crackle, Vudu, and Netflix DVD. In addition to browsing offerings from your paid video subscriptions, you can check out what's in theaters near you. Last but not least, you can filter results by genre and rating to make sure your selection is family-friendly.

The TV Schedule

The most unique aspect of Yidio that sets it apart from other search and discovery services is the TV Schedule. The TV Show Schedule lists all the available content by time slot and includes shows that air online and just on TV. This makes the Yidio schedule a convenient one-stop guide to the latest entertainment, saving you the headache of figuring out where to watch your favorite shows. If you create a Yidio account you can customize the TV schedule to feature your favorite shows, and to list the available content from your paid video subscriptions.

The Yidio App

Right now the Yidio app is only available for iOS devices, but the service plans to release an Android app in the coming months. To get started with Yidio, download the app for free from the App Store. There's no need to make an account, but doing so will let you customize the browsing features and TV schedule.

The app has the same features as the Yidio website. You can browse movies and TV shows based on popularity, different online video sources, and also based on 'Tomatometer' rating - which indicates how campy your video selection is. You can save any search preset you create to easily return to a genre you like. In addition, you can edit the list of sources that Yidio uses to search for videos based on the providers you like and the subscriptions you keep.

Yidio is the largest independent programming guide on the internet. With a basic layout and practical search tools, you might find that Yidio is indispensable to your streaming video strategy.