How to Use the Yellow Pages to Find Someone Online has multiple search options

What to Know

  • Open People Search on and select By Name, By Address, or By Phone Number. Enter the information you have.
  • Optionally, select View Full Profile from the results to continue the search on Intelius, where some information is free to view.
  • If you only have a company name, enter it on the site's home page to find relevant results.

This article explains how to use the Yellow Pages website to find someone online.

Use the Yellow Pages People Search Tool, also called The Real Yellow Pages, is the "traditional" phone directory Yellow Pages placed on the web for easy access. It has a free people search tool where you can run a search by name or do a reverse Yellow Pages search by address or phone number.

The website also includes residential and business listings, maps and directions, local attraction information, questions and answers, and coupons. 

  1. Open the People Search page on the Yellow Pages website. This will take you to a search engine that lets you search through the site's entire directory.

  2. Choose how you want to look up the person:

    • BY NAME: A last name is required but you can also include a first name, city, and state if you know those details.
    • BY ADDRESS: An address is required to run the reverse address lookup.
    • BY PHONE NUMBER: The reverse search for a phone number lets you enter just a number to see what Yellow Pages can tell you about who it belongs to.

    Press the search button when you're ready to see the results. people finder search
  3. Review the information that shows up in the results, and optionally select VIEW FULL PROFILE for more details.

    Yellow Pages people finder results

    Following this button will navigate you away from and take you to a different site called Intelius.

  4. You can continue the person search on Intelius' website.

    Intelius people finder results

    Please know that not all of the information on Intelius is free to view. You might find a few details that weren't on Yellow Pages, like the person's age, schools they attended, relatives, other locations they've lived, or the first few digits of their current and/or past phone numbers. However, continuing with a full report isn't free.

Find a Business on

If you don't know the person's name, phone number, or address, but you happen to know where they work, Yellow Pages can be used to find the company's address and phone number which you can then use to contact the person.

  1. Open the home page and type the business name and location, followed by Find to start the search.

    Yellow Pages website home page
  2. Select the correct item from the results page. business results list
  3. Review the profile page for the company's contact information.

    Yellow Pages results for Boudreux's focuses on the US, while offers Canadian listings.

  • How can I find out how someone died (for free)?

    There are two sites that are fairly popular: Legacy and Tributes. You can also try searching Facebook. Facebook has a feature where an individual's profile can be converted to a memorial page.

  • How can I find out if someone has a warrant?

    Most states have an online database that you can search. Check your local police department's site for local searches. Most courts will provide free searches online as well.

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