Yeigo - Free VoIP For Mobile Phones

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Update: Yeigo is discontinued. 

Yeigo is a free VoIP application for mobile phones, allowing voice calls, chat, instant message and SMS using your mobile phone, while cutting down the usual cost down to as low as 20 %. No need for complex, expensive and bulky hardware. With this, it sets a new paradigm that can revolutionize the communications world.

One of the strong points of Yeigo is that it can be installed on a vast range of mobile phones. It also comes with many new features.

What Does Yeigo Cost And What Is Free? :


Both Yeigo's service and application are free. The application is free for download and install. The service is free only to the limit of communicating with another person using the Yeigo application. If your callee or caller uses traditional GSM or landline network, Yeigo applies a cost through a service they call ConnecUs.

Since you can make calls from your mobile phone to other mobile phones, you save a real lot on mobile communication. However, you need to convince your buddies to install Yeigo on their mobile devices as well.


Eliminating the need to call PSTN, all calls are free; and the only thing you have to pay for is the data network services like 3G, HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE or Wi-Fi. A person using Yeigo optimally is likely to save more than 80% of what she would spend on traditional mobile communication. If Yeigo is used with free Wi-Fi in a hotspot somewhere, then the cost is nil.

Yeigo Hardware Requirements and Versions:


This is one thing on which Yeigo shines out: it is compatible with most mobile phones out there, of different makes and models. So you most probably won't have to buy a new phone to use Yeigo. If Yeigo 2.1, which is made for phones running Windows (for Nokia) and Symbian (for I-Mate, HTC, Qtek, Samsung, HP, Motorola, Palm phones etc.) operating systems, does not mount on your phone, you can install the Yeigo Lite version, which is Java-built, and plugs in as a Java application. Only extremely few phones out there do not support Java.

How Yeigo Works:


Despite being rather new, Yeigo already has a solid underlying mechanism and service support. Unlike some others that are tied to other services, Yeigo has its own service and servers for P2P communication. This helps in providing very good quality voice and low call rates.

Yeigo supports other instant messengers like Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL and so on; so Yeigo users can communicate with buddies using those messengers as well for free.

To get started using Yeigo, you have to register for an account. You will then be sent a message through which you will download and install the application on your mobile.

Yeigo Features:


Tools like Yeigo are getting numerous, with the same general features; but Yeigo stands out with the following:

  • It is independent with its own service and servers, and is not attached to other services like Skype.
  • It is compatible with most mobile phones, which include all phones running Windows and Symbian, and all Java-enabled phones.


Other Yeigo-unique features:

  • Holler, which allows you to let your friends know you are online while they are not. Resembles paging.
  • Connection Quality Indicator, which indicates the strength of the current connection, allowing users to know the call quality they should expect.
  • QuickFire chat, which allows a user to chat with friends on the actual friends list screen - a new screen need not be opened for each conversation, however. This makes instant messaging extremely easy to follow on such a small screen as that of a mobile phone.
  • Status Message Change - Yeigo allows users to change their status message, which updates their status message across all the instant messengers.
  • Hotlist - Yeigo users may create a list of preferred connections on their phone for managing multiple access points, making Yeigo easier to live with.

My Opinion On Using Yeigo

Cost-wise, Yeigo offers very interesting options. Calls to landline and GSM users are considerably low, although maybe not better than those of Skype and its alternatives. More interestingly, the free service touches most of your calls since Yeigo supports most phones so most of your buddies can install and use Yeigo. Such has not been the case with products of this like so far.

According to me, the main deterrent to use Yeigo is the need for a data network service like 3G, HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE or Wi-Fi, which can be quite costly for people who are looking for free service. But if you are already enjoying a data network service, then there is absolutely no reason why you should not try Yeigo, given that there is more than 9 chances on 10 that you own a Yeigo-compatible phone.

With its P2P servers, and given that it works with networks like 3G, HSDPA, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi, voice quality can only be very good. I see the only reason affecting call quality will most of the time be the connection on your data network.