Overview of Yamaha's NS-Series Twisted Flare Port Subwoofers

Yamaha NS-SW1000 Subwoofer With Twisted Flare Port
Yamaha NS-SW1000 Subwoofer With Twisted Flare Port. Images provided by Yamaha

If you are looking for a new subwoofer, Yamaha is offering up three subwoofers that may be of interest.

The NS-SW200, NS-SW300, and NS-SW1000 are bass reflex subwoofer designed units with an additional innovative feature, Twisted Flare Ports.

Yamaha's reasoning is that the ports on typical bass reflex subwoofers produce too much air turbulence, resulting in more noise within the lower frequency output. By channeling the air through a twisted design, the air flow is more diffused, resulting in a smoother, less noisy, bass output. Of course, the proof is in real world performance, so we will know once reviews start coming in if this design really does aid subwoofer performance.

That being said, here is a quick overview of Yamaha's three subwoofers so far that incorporate this design change.

First up is the NS-SW200. This unit features a bass reflex design, with a side-mounted twisted flare port technology using a smaller front facing 8-inch driver. It is supported by an amplifier that is designed to output 130 watts, with a stated frequency response of 28Hz to 200Hz.

The suggested price for the NS-SW200 is $449.95 - Buy From Amazon.

Next, there is the NS-SW300. This sub combines a 10-inch front facing driver, with the above-mentioned twisted flare port in a side-mounted configuration for extended bass response. The NS-SW300 is rated to deliver 250 watts of output power. The frequency response is listed as 20 Hz to 160Hz.

The NS-SW300 has a suggested price of $549.95 - Buy From Amazon.

The NS-SW200 and 300 were both introduced in late 2013 and will continue to be offered by Yamaha through 2017.

However, Yamaha also offers another subwoofer, the NS-SW1000.

What distinguishes this entry is not only its bass reflex/twisted port design, but this one is big (12-inch driver with a double magnet) and heavy (90 lbs). In addition to its size and weight, the NS-SW1000 also incorporates new digital amplifier that can deliver up to 1000 watts of output power and, in combination with the 12-inch driver and twisted flare port, a low-end frequency response of 18-to-160Hz.

In addition to the size, power output, and impressive low-end response, you will also need a lot of cash: $2,499.95 - Buy From Amazon.