Yamaha Teases Cute and Cuddly Mini-Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

30 percent smaller than standard soundbars

Yamaha has successfully miniaturized the standard living room soundbar in its newly-revealed SR-C30A. 

This fun-sized soundbar is 30 percent smaller than the company’s standard offerings, which is great news for apartment dwellers and anyone with little to no room left on a cluttered TV stand. The SR-C30A is also an all-in-one audio solution, as it ships with a wireless subwoofer for increased bass response. 

Yamaha SR-C30A


The device is designed to "fit neatly on or in smaller furniture," with a width of just 23-inches and a height of 2.5-inches. The subwoofer is also fairly slim, at 6-inches wide and 13-inches tall, with vertical and horizontal placement options. 

The SR-C30A may be small in stature, but Yamaha claims it packs a pretty mean punch, audio-wise, with Clear Voice integration for increased dialogue clarity, virtual 3D surround sound and an adaptive low volume mode that delivers clear audio without waking up ornery neighbors. 

"Achieving great, accurate sound from a small speaker cabinet has always been a technical challenge," said Alex Sadeghian, Yamaha Corporation of America's director of Consumer Audio. "The SR-C30A responds by producing a large, spacious sound that is surprisingly richer and more detailed than you'd expect for its size."

The reduced footprint still allows for the same controls as its larger siblings, with top-panel buttons, a packed-in remote, and a dedicated smartphone app integration.

Yamaha SR-C30A


As for connections, you can choose from HDMI ARC, optical ports, Bluetooth, and an analog stereo mini-input for gaming consoles and other portable devices.

The SRC30A/subwoofer combo officially goes on sale sometime in October with a suggested retail price of $280. 

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