Yamaha Pushes Into the World of Gaming Accessories

A gaming headset, a mixer, and proprietary software

When you think Yamaha, you probably picture home audio equipment, musical instruments, and, heck, even jet skis, but you don’t imagine gaming accessories. 

The Japanese tech giant is looking to change that perception as they finally wade into the wide world of gaming. The company just announced a gaming headset and a mixer, along with some nifty software to go along with each device. 

Yamaha ZG Series


First up, the ZG01 gaming mixer, which is Yamaha’s first-ever audio mixer designed with gamers in mind. This USB-accessible mixer provides full controls over game sounds, voice chat, and personal voice levels, in addition to offering various vocal effects, 3D surround sound, and modes dedicated to competitive gaming. It also easily connects to PCs, gaming consoles, and smartphones. 

The intent here is to turn audio management from a frustration to a source of joy, as Yamaha says the mixer brings an "optimal combination of connectivity, control, and effects in a super easy-to-use layout." 

The companion gaming headset, the YH–G01, makes full use of the features afforded by the mixer. This headset includes both a condenser microphone and a boom mic, for versatility, with a light and portable form factor for long gaming sessions. 

Yamaha ZG Series


Both gadgets integrate with Yamaha’s new ZG controller software, allowing for increased customization. With this software, you can set personal audio profiles for both the mixer and headset and tweak all the various effects to create some truly unique vocal sounds.

The ZG line is available today straight from Yamaha. Each item can be purchased separately, but a combo pack saves you $50 or so. 

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