Overview of the Yamaha BD-S477 Blu-ray Disc Player

Yamaha BD-S477 Blu-ray Disc Player With Remote. Photo © Yamaha Electronics Corporation.

Dateline: 08/29/2014
When you think of home theater audio, Yamaha is definitely one of the brands that comes to mind. However, in addition to its extensive line of receivers, home theater-in-a-box systems, sound bars, and digital sound projectors, Yamaha also offers up a line of Blu-ray Disc players that might be what you are looking for.

One of the latest players in Yamaha's line-up is the BD-S477, which offers an interesting combination of features.

First off, in the disc playing department, the BD-S477 plays Blu-rays, DVDs (including most recordable formats), and CDs - but it must be noted that it is not compatible with 3D Blu-ray Discs. 1080p upscaling is provided for DVD playback.

For audio support, the BD-S477 is compatible with the Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound formats, as well as both standard (CD Audio, MP3) and hi-res (192khz/24-bit FLAC and ALAC) digital audio-only formats.

Other features include built-in WiFi, DLNA certification, and both front and rear mounted USB ports for importing images, video, and music from flash drives. For additional control convenience, the Yamaha BD-S477 also provides access to free iOS, Android remote control apps.

Also, the BD-S477 also incorporates Miracast, which enables easy wireless streaming from compatible smart phones and tablets.

However, in addition to what the BD-S477 does offer, it is also important to note that in order to use this player, your TV or video projector must have an HDMI input - there are no additional digital or analog audio or video connections provided on this player.

It is also important to point out that while the BD-S477 can access content over a local network, USB, and Miracast-enabled devices, it does not have the ability to access internet streaming content providers, such as Neflix, Vudu, Pandora, etc... However, in an odd quirk, the BD-S477 does allow internet access to Picasa Web Albums for cloud storage of digital photos (compatibility with JPG, GIF, and PNG photo formats).

Also, another interesting characteristic is that the BD-S477 is NTSC, PAL, and Multi-system compatible, which means that you can play both NTSC and PAL DVDs - However, the player is not DVD or Blu-ray region code free. In other words, for U.S. consumers, you can play Region 1 Coded DVDs and Region A Blu-ray Discs, as well as non-region coded PAL discs, and watch them on an NTSC TV.

So, as you can see, Yamaha has certainly included an interesting mix of features (as well as excluding others) that sets it apart from many players in its class.

The suggested price for the BD-S477 is $229.95. It is expected to be available beginning in September 2014. For full specification details, check out the Official Yamaha BD-S477 Product Page.