Kid's Web Guide to Yahooligans

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Note to Readers: Yahooligans no longer exists. This page is being kept for archive purposes. Try Roblox, a popular online platform game for kids. 

What Is Yahooligans?

Yahoo has done an excellent job of pulling together Yahooligans, a directory of Internet sites that are kid-friendly. As stated in their online info, "each site has been carefully checked by an experienced educator to ensure the content and links are appropriate for kids aged 7-12."

Yahooligans isn't only a directory, however. Many more fun features are available on the home page: Games, Movies, Reference, Parents and Teachers' Guides, to name just a few.

Yahooligans search feature scans listings in its unique, kid-friendly directory database to find your search queries. We've found that this kid-centric site does a pretty good job of filtering out the inappropriate stuff.


Here are just a few of the fun features that Yahooligans has to offer:

  • Games: Free online games for kids. 
  • Music: Listen to or watch your favorite music artist here.
  • TV: One of the most family-friendly video sites on the Web, and that's a rare thing.
  • Ask Earl: If you have a question that you'd like answered, go ahead and Ask Earl. It's like Dear Abby for kids.

Is it Safe? Yes.

Overall, Yahoo does a superior job of keeping their listings safe and kid-friendly; although as a parent, you must use your own discretion on whether or not what Yahoo deems appropriate for 7-12-year-olds is what YOU would be okay with. See the Internet Safety Checklist for more information on what is safe for kids on the Net, and what definitely is not.