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Yahoo Video was discontinued in 2011 - the following archival article is presented here for the historical record.

Overview for Yahoo! Video:

Yahoo! Video lacked the simplicity inherent in other free video sharing sites. Unlike most other video hosting sites, when you signed up for Yahoo! Video you were signing up not just for the free video-sharing service but also for a full Yahoo profile. The video page was just one little component of the Yahoo! package, so it's easy to get lost in the site.

However, it's worth mentioning that when we posted a sample video, the next morning it had been seen as many times as the same sample video had been seen on YouTube in nearly three weeks. So there were advantages to this free video sharing site after all.

Cost of Yahoo! Video:



Sign-up Procedure for Yahoo! Video:

You’ll need to provide a username, password, your date of birth and your gender.

After you sign up, you’re taken not to the video upload page but to a confirmation page, which then dumps you right in the heart of Yahoo! with no video links anywhere in sight. You then need to navigate to your homepage, which you must customize (with interests, personal information, etc.) before you're allowed to use the video upload form.

It is very easy to get lost! We actually had to close our browser and reopen because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the upload page.

Uploading to Yahoo! Video:

 On the upload page, you get to enter a 1000-character self-description and a website link before getting to the actual upload itself. Videos must be less than 100MB, in WMV, ASF, QT, MOD, MOV, MPG, 3GP, 3GP2 or AVI format, and they must have audio. For each video, you get to pick a title, a 1000-character description, and, unusually, an option to include a transcript. You can pick one category for your video, and you can add tags. All fields are required. There is no progress bar for uploading, and it is incredibly slow.

Compression in Yahoo! Video:

It’s pretty clear that Yahoo! Video recompresses the videos you upload, but there’s no information on the site about what they use to compress it. Videos get a slight widescreen look, but overall the quality is a lot better than that of YouTube, for example.

Tagging on Yahoo! Video:

When uploading your video, Yahoo! Video will ask you to enter ‘tags’ – keywords that can be used to search your video. The more tags you enter, the more ways there are to search for your video.

 Sharing Yahoo! Video:

Your videos are all public and searchable. There is no option to set them to private.

However, as with most video sharing sites, you can embed the video in other sites such as MySpace

Terms Of Service for Yahoo! Video:

You retain ownership, but Yahoo! retains the right to change, reproduce, or make derivative works based on any of your content. Yahoo! has the right to use your video in ads, and will keep all the money from the ads. You must be 13 to upload videos and have the written consent of each and every person’s name/likeness in the content you upload.

Content that is obscene, harmful, illegal, violates copyright, etc. is not allowed. 

Sharing Yahoo! Video:

To share a video on Yahoo! Video, you can click the “Share by email” link in the bottom left of the player to email the video to a friend (you also have the option to send a copy to yourself). If you have instant messaging with Yahoo, you can click “Send via IM” to send the video link in an instant message.

You can also click “Save to” and enter your login information to save the video to Or you can copy and paste the HTML code in the box marked “Add to site” to embed the player on another website.