How to Watch Free Online Music Videos With Yahoo!

Yahoo! has a section dedicated solely to streaming music videos

Yahoo! On The Road Featuring Fall Out Boy
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Yahoo! has a particular section of their Yahoo! Music website that's devoted exclusively to free music video content. What's there is all music-related content on Yahoo! that has been tagged as videos.

Similar to other other video sharing and hosting websites, Yahoo! gathers a lot of its content from other places like YouTube, Vevo, and news sites, so in some cases, you can actually get to those other websites by watching the videos on Yahoo!.

It's important to know that when compared to other services like YouTube, Yahoo! Music Videos is not as intuitive as a video streaming website. You can't put songs into a queue or save music video playlists, but it does have lots of videos that are free to watch.

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How to Search for Music Videos on Yahoo!

From the very top of Yahoo!'s website, use the search box to type the term you want to use to find the video.

A results list will display, but you want to choose Video from below the box, not Web, Images, or any of the other options.

Now that the search is restricted just to videos, you can filter them by length, date, resolution, and source. For example, choose Short (less than 5 minutes)Past month720p or higher, and YouTube to find short, high quality, and recently added YouTube videos.

Where Yahoo! Gets Its Videos

Yahoo! Music Videos gathers videos from a number of sources including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Hulu, Vevo, Myspace, MTV, CBS, Fox, and CNN.

What You Can Watch on Yahoo! Music Videos

Thousands of music videos are available from Yahoo!. Most of them are from fairly mainstream artists, so it's a great place to see chart-toppers.

There are some obscure artists sprinkled in as well, though, so do some searching.

What Yahoo! Music Videos Look Like

You get to watch Yahoo! Music video content in a standard widescreen format. They pop out at the top of the page and have navigation buttons to make it easy to go to the previous or next video in the series.

The videos load quickly on an average internet connection but the quality depends entirely on the quality of the original video. Some videos on Yahoo! Music looks smooth and sharp, while others are blocky and grainy. Homemade music videos, of course, look worse than professional ones, but those are rare on Yahoo!.

Cinema Mode is an option with all Yahoo! Music Videos that will center the video on the screen and slightly darken the rest of the page. This is supposed to make it easier to watch the video.

What You Need to Watch Yahoo! Music Videos

It's clear that a web browser is required to watch videos on Yahoo!. This can be Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

It's also necessary to have Adobe Flash Player 9 or above installed in order to stream the videos on Yahoo!.

Depending on the video you're streaming, you can choose from one of several high-quality or standard versions. Your choice depends on the speed of your own internet connection.