Watch Free Online Music Videos With Yahoo!

Yahoo! On The Road Featuring Fall Out Boy
Joey Foley / Getty Images

Overview of Yahoo! Music Videos

Yahoo! Music Videos is Yahoo's site devoted exclusively to music video content.

What can I watch on Yahoo! Music Videos?

Thousands of music videos. Most of the videos are from fairly mainstream artists, so it's a great place to go to see chart-toppers. There are some obscure artists sprinkled in as well, though, so do some searching.

What do Yahoo! Music Videos look like?

You get a three-by-four inch screen in a pop-up window.

The videos load incredibly fast, but the quality depends on the quality of the original video: some videos look smooth and sharp, while others look blocky or grainy. Music videos for less popular bands are more likely to look bad, as their videos are often made for the internet and not for TV.

How do I watch Yahoo! Music Videos?

You need Adobe Flash Player 9 to watch the videos. You can choose from one of several connection speeds, but high-speed internet is best.

Additional Features of Yahoo! Music Videos

The pop-up player window includes a search function and a "Video Lineup" pane. If you search for videos within the window, you can choose to add them to the Video Lineup, essentially creating a music video playlist for yourself. You can line up more than a hundred videos at a time, which is nice, but there’s no way to save the lineup and it reverts to Yahoo's Recommended Videos if you close the window.

How much does Yahoo! Music Videos cost?

It’s free, and you don’t even need a Yahoo! account to use it.