How to Access Yahoo! Mail With macOS Mail

Access your Yahoo! email through Apple's desktop email client

If you have macOS Mail, you can access your Yahoo! Mail account, as well as any other email client, through Mac's desktop Mail app. This means you can continue to send and receive emails with your main Yahoo! account without having to use a web browser to log into Yahoo! All of your Yahoo! messages will be synced and appear in macOS Mail, and vice versa.

How to Access Yahoo! Mail With macOS Mail

Follow these instructions to sync your Yahoo! Mail with macOS Mail:

  1. Open Mail in macOS and select Preferences under the Mail menu.

    Preferences in Apple Mail
  2. Select Accounts.

    The Accounts tab in Apple Mail Preferences
  3. In the lower-left corner, select the + button.

    The Plus button in Accounts
  4. Select Yahoo! > Continue.

    The Yahoo option and Continue button in Apple Mail
  5. Enter your full Yahoo! Mail address, then select Next.

  6. Enter your Yahoo! Mail password, then select Next.

  7. Select any desktop apps you'd like to sync along with Mail, such as Calendar, then select Done. Now when you open macOS Mail, you will be able to access all messages sent to and from your Yahoo! email account.