The Pros and Cons of Yahoo Mail Classic

This free email service included plenty of useful features

Email key on a computer keyboard


Yahoo Mail Classic was a reliable and secure email service with unlimited storage. An effective spam filter kept the junk out, and it could send rich emails using the program's HTML editor.

Yahoo Mail Classic was discontinued in 2013.

Yahoo Mail Classic Features

What We Like
  • Scanned for spam and viruses effectively.

  • Brought rich and always-up-to-date email to mobile.

  • Offered unlimited storage for free.

What We Don't Like
  • Lacked a powerful plain text editor.

  • Digital signatures and message encryption weren't supported.

  • Didn't thread messages and lacked virtual folders.

Other features included security elements such as the ability to turn off automatic downloading of remote images and the use of disposable email addresses.

Yahoo Mail Classic had helpful organizing tools such as mail filters and views, message flags, and a powerful search function. Yahoo Mail Classic included filters to automatically sort incoming mail.

Yahoo Mail Classic also offered convenience. It was accessible on mobile devices and could be set up with an automatic vacation response. Its easy-to-use HTML message editor easily composed and sent emails with rich formatting, and it included stationery. Yahoo Mail Classic could be set as the default email client for Windows.

Contributing to ease of use, all Yahoo Mail Classic accounts came with unlimited space for mail. The web-based interface was comfortable and efficient, with many useful keyboard shortcuts. A variety of views made it possible to concentrate on particular messages in a folder.

PhotoMail, which integrated Yahoo Photos with Yahoo Mail Classic, made it easy to upload and share photos. It could share photos from a computer, Yahoo Photos, and the internet by storing photos on Yahoo servers while mailing only thumbnails.