Yahoo Job Search

 As of December 2011, Yahoo Jobs is no longer in service. Try reading The Top Job Search Engines for more job search tools.

Yahoo Hot Jobs is one of the largest and most well-known job search engines on the Web. Here are five search tips that will help you search Yahoo Hot Jobs more effectively for the perfect job.

Use the Basic Search

The Yahoo Hot Jobs basic search is extremely basic; you have spaces for keywords, location, and job category here, with the option to expand your location into a more metro area.

However, once you've done your initial basic search, Yahoo Hot Jobs gives you a wealth of options on the search results page: cities to include, job categories to explore, jobs last updated, etc.

Use the Advanced Search

The Yahoo Hot Jobs advanced search gives you a few more options to narrow your job search, including experience, education, salary, and travel. If you have in mind a very specific job that you're looking for, this is where you want to start your search.

Save your Searches

If you'd rather not visit Yahoo Hot Jobs every day to see what's new, you can save your searches and have them emailed to you daily, weekly, or every two weeks.

Search by Job Category

Yahoo Hot Jobs showcases all their job categories on one convenient page; you can browse around here to see what you might be interested in, as well as get ideas for a more expanded job search. Don't forget to check out the top job searches as well; it's frequently updated to reflect what the most popular job searches are at Yahoo Hot Jobs.

Check Out the Sitemap

Yahoo Hot Jobs has an extensive sitemap that you can use to get a quick overview of the entire site; a good place to start if you want to cast your job search net wide.

As you can see, Yahoo Hot Jobs has a lot to offer the online job searcher. For more job search engines, check out the top ten job search engines on the Web.