Yahoo Mail Review: Description, Pros, and Cons

An overview of Yahoo's free email service

Yahoo Mail offers free email accounts with 1 TB of online storage. Free accounts are supported by advertisements, but there's also a premium service called Yahoo Mail Pro that removes ads.

Information in this article applies to the web versions of Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo Mail mobile app for iOS and Android. The desktop version has been discontinued.

Yahoo Mail Pros and Cons

Using Yahoo Mail comes with several advantages and a few restrictions:

What We Like

  • Secure and reliable email delivery.

  • Impressive interface customization and theme options.

  • Convenient keyboard shortcuts.

What We Don't Like

  • No instant messaging features.

  • No IMAP support for desktop email programs.

  • Limited integration with other email providers.

An overview of the Yahoo Mail home page.

Yahoo Mail Features

Yahoo Mail supports most of the features offered by similar providers. For example, you can:

Yahoo Mail vs. Yahoo Mail Basic vs Yahoo Mail Pro

A stripped-down version of Yahoo Mail called Yahoo Mail Basic is also available on the web. Since it doesn't support all features, it's a little bit faster and more responsive. Some users prefer the simple design.

An overview of the Yahoo Mail Basic home page.

If you want to get rid of ads on the Yahoo Mail interface, then sign up for Yahoo Mail Pro. It costs $34.99 for the year, but you can try it free for 14 days.

There are two different types of Yahoo Mail Pro accounts: One for all versions of Yahoo Mail, and a cheaper option that just removes ads from the Yahoo Mail mobile app.