Yahoo! for SMS Makes IM Mobile

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While many Yahoo! Messenger users already know how to send free text messages on Yahoo! IM, some are not aware they can also access Yahoo! Messenger on their cell phones without mobile web or a mobile browser.

For users without access to mobile web on their cell phone or who cannot otherwise use Yahoo! Mobile, the Yahoo! Messenger for SMS service is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family while away from the computer.

Setting Up Yahoo! Messenger for SMS

To begin sending and receiving Yahoo! IMs on your mobile device:

  1. Launch Yahoo! Messenger on your computer.
  2. Next. click the "Messenger" tab along the top menu bar.
  3. Next, select "Sign in to Mobile Device," or press Ctrl+Shift+D.
  4. Follow the prompts to register your mobile device.
  5. A text message will be sent to your mobile device. Enter the code you receive via text into the field on the screen as prompted.
  6. To begin using Yahoo! Messenger for SMS, select "Sign in to... [mobile number]" from the "Messenger" tab. You are now mobile.

Signing In and Messaging

To sign in, text in [Yahoo! ID][password] and send it to 92466. Do not include the brackets. Your contacts will now see you as mobile.

After signing in to Yahoo! Messenger for SMS, you can receive IMs just as you would text messages. To reply, simply reply as you would with a text message.

To send an IM to a Yahoo! contact, text to [Yahoo! Id][your message] and send it to 92466. Do not include the brackets. Send the text as you normally would and your contact will receive it as an IM.

Signing Out

To sign out, text out to 92466. You will receive verification of sign out.

Note: This may not be available on all carriers and cell phones. Cell phone users may incur wireless Internet, texting or other charges by using Yahoo! Messenger for SMS. Check with your service carrier and phone manual for details.