6 Yahoo Desktop Web Services to Use

These Tools Can Help You Stay Organized and Informed

Well, it appears that Yahoo's Widget Engine and Widget Gallery is no more. The URLs for those pages return "not found" messages if you try to access them, suggesting that these older features have likely been discontinued and are now pretty much gone for good.

Not to worry, though! There are still several great Yahoo features you can still use that are updated for today's state of the web. Take a look through the list below to see which services can help make all the busy stuff that goes on in both your work and personal life easier to keep track of and much more organized.

Yahoo Mail

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Of course, Yahoo's email services is still one of the most popular ones around. If you have a Yahoo address and use it regularly, then you know that already. It's received a lot of great updates compared to what it looked like back in the day, including the addition of customizable design options, more intuitive navigation and of course easy functionality for reading, replying and managing all of your messages. You can access all of your settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Yahoo Mail (along with all the other personal Yahoo services you use) is also available in mobile app format, free from both iTunes and Google Play.

Yahoo Contacts

To go along with Yahoo's email service, you have a Contacts section (or Address Book) conveniently available to you as well. You can use the search bar at the top to find a specific person, and you can import contacts you have from other existing apps that you use. Yahoo Contacts can connect to Facebook, Google, Outlook or any other Yahoo accounts you might have to grab their contacts and sync them with your current Yahoo account. You also have the option to upload a file of your contacts from your computer. 

Yahoo Calendar

Need a calendar in your life? Specifically, on your desktop computer? Then maybe Yahoo Calendar can help. It's laid out just like a regular calendar that you hang on your wall, with easy navigation and functionality so you can plan all your appointments, events, projects, birthdays, and anything else you've got coming up. On the righthand side of the screen, you should also notice a nifty to-do list that you can use to mark urgent, important and regular tasks. Set up reminders so you don't forget about important things, and follow friends' calendars to see when they're busy or free.

Yahoo Notepad

Yahoo's Notepad feature is just an extra little thing you can use to quickly take down any notes you might need for your calendar or email messages. Whenever you check your Yahoo Mail, you'll always be able to access all your notes as well. You can create Notebooks in the left sidebar to use as general categories for organizing all of your notes, and when you want to write a new note, just click "New Note" in the top left corner to type your note and hit save when you're done. You can move any note into the Notepad you want by clicking "Move" on the top menu bar.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger offers you a simple way to have more direct and instant communication with your contacts. To use it via the web (as opposed to downloading the desktop application), just tap the smiley icon from your Mail account (in the top left corner where all the other icons are located) to bring up a chat box. When you change your status to "Available," you can start typing a contact's name to select for starting a conversation. You can also customize your Messenger settings to ensure that your security, sounds, filters and other options are all set up the way you like. If you choose to keep a history of conversations you have through Yahoo Messenger, you can easily access those any time as well.

Yahoo Weather

If you need to know everything about the weather, you can count on Yahoo to give you up-to-date information about what's going on outside at the current moment and what the forecast looks like. The Weather feature actually makes use of cool visuals to reflect the current conditions, and you can scroll down to see more details like the short-term forecast, the wind pressure, the moon's current phase and so much more. Yahoo Weather should be able to detect your current location automatically, but you can use the search bar at the top to check the weather for other cities and locations around the world too.

Article edited by: Elise Moreau