Yahoo Chat Discontinued for New Messenger Products

The New Yahoo! Messenger has some cool Features!

Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! released a new Messenger product in December, 2015. Yahoo! / Getty Images

First AIM, then Yahoo.

For fans of the popular Yahoo Chat feature once included in Messenger, the news of their closure was bittersweet.

By discontinuing Yahoo Chat, Yahoo Messenger said, it would help spring the venerable messaging platform forward into the future, according to The Next Web:

"We know that some long-term Yahoo! Messenger customers enjoyed these topic-based communities. However, we feel that by embracing the modern technologies and platforms available today, Yahoo! will be able to uncover better ways to foster meaningful communities and connections for our customers to use to connect with the people they care about."

A significant decline in the number of users is probably what helped drive the decision to kill the chat rooms, as was the closure of AIM Chat in 2010.

Granted, AIM Chat was still fairly robust and meeting people was a possibility in those chat rooms. Yahoo, meanwhile, was plagued with issues, including everything from spambots to the last remaining real-life users kicking people from rooms with booters.

While a CAPTCHA was added to help prevent spamming, it was already too late.

Yahoo Chat was discontinued on December 14, 2012.

A Look Back: Discover New Friends with Yahoo Chat

But there's good news. Armed with an updated feature set and array of new options, the new Yahoo! Messenger launched in December 2015. Some of the most unique features of the platform are:

  • Yahoo! Messenger is now engineered with specific support for sending photos — which can often be a burdensome process in a messaging app. The app now lets you literally send hundreds of photos, if you so desire, quickly and easily. The technology behind the scenes is able to work quickly by sending low-res versions of your photos, which are replaced with high-res versions once all of the data has been received.
  • You can now "unsend" a message! This is a feature that no other messaging app currently offers (as of June, 2016). And it doesn't matter when the original message was sent — be it five minutes ago or five months ago — all messages have the option of being recalled.
  • The new Yahoo! Messenger is available in several formats. You can install it on your mobile device for chatting on-the-go, download it to your desktop which lets you comfortably use your monitor and keyboard while chatting, and even access it directly in Yahoo! email.

    The new Yahoo! Messenger is a friendly product with some great new features. Because Yahoo! has been around for so long, its very likely that you already have contacts on the platform that you can start chatting with right away!

    If you'd like to check it out, pay a visit to our easy guide to getting started!

    Updated by Christina Michelle Bailey, 6/30/16