Yahoo Celebrity

Yahoo Celebrity

What is Yahoo Celebrity?

Yahoo Celebrity is a purely for fun entertainment portal where you can find celebrity news, photos, and gossip. All the latest entertainment and celebrity news can be found here, from scandals to award shows to just what your favorite actor or actress might be up to at any given time. Categories include News, Photos, Interviews, Couples, Scandals, and Social Snaps (directly lifted from celebrities on Instagram).

Yahoo Celebrity was originally named Yahoo OMG, and was billed as a one-stop entertainment portal for all celebrity, gossip, and fashion needs. The only thing that's changed about that original purpose is the name, and Yahoo Celebrity is one of the most popular celebrity gossip destinations online, due mostly to the fact that the main Yahoo portal is continuously in the top ten most trafficked sites on the entire Internet. 

Several major gossip and celebrity magazines partner with Yahoo Celebrity to bring even more entertainment news to this portal, including US Weekly. In partnership with Yahoo Celebrity are the annual Yahoo Celebrity Awards, yearly awards show that include hundreds of nominees across dozens of categories, with new categories added on a regular basis in response to emerging trends in the entertainment industry.

According to recent Yahoo corporate marketing numbers, the Yahoo Celebrity website reaches 36.2 million people on a monthly basis. The average monthly pageviews for all Yahoo properties equals 43 million, so entertainment counts for quite a bit of Yahoo's share on the Web. 

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